Black Women K!lled at Much Higher Rate Than White Women


By: Krystle Crossman

An annual report from the Violence Policy Center has shown that black women are killed far more than white women. The people that kill them are usually a person that they are involved in a relationship with sadly. The study covered the year of 2011 (that is the last data year that is available at this time). It showed shocking numbers about the deaths of women. Here are a few of the statistics that the report showed about the death of black women:

– Firearms were the most commonly used weapon that was involved in the deaths of black women who were killed by others in 2011.

– 415 out of the 443 (94%) women that were killed in a single-offender and single-victim murder knew who their killer was.

– Most of the killings happened during an argument and not any other felony crime such as a robbery or car jacking.

– The average age of females that were killed in 2011 by another person was 34. Five percent of the women were over 65 and 12% were under 18 years old.

– 216 out of 415 (52%) women killed were wives, girlfriends, ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, or lovers of the man who killed them.

– 459 out of 492 (93%) black women were killed intra-racially.

These statistics raise questions about how women are supposed to stand up for themselves, particularly in the case of Marissa Alexander. She was in a fight with her estranged husband. He had a history of abusing her. She took her gun and fired a warning shot into the ceiling. Her two children were around when this all happened. No one was injured in the incident and yet Alexander got a 20 year sentence in prison for three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She had another trial in July and could face an additional 60 years in jail. This is all for standing her ground and trying to protect herself from being a victim again.



  1. This is news to who so are “Black Men” (by a greater disparity) & “Black Children” welcome to reality, we’ve been waiting for you

  2. Of course! with the Black Family being structurally impoverished, she has many more ehndagering chances to take; as well as having to avoid way more Menatcidal and self-survival moded males/females.

  3. Don’t just tell half the [email protected] story / tell all of it, and who cares especially with all these evil hateful rappers like “POO POO 2 CHAINZ” who disrespect black-women, and no telling how many sisters he and his demonic evil lower-life-form cohorts have already raped, drugged, killed off and gotten away with it.

  4. The sad reality of it all is that black women are not respected nor held to a high esteem compared to women of other races. Black men have been brainwashed to disrespect and hate black women. It has gotten to the point where it seems like black life doesn’t matter anymore. I have personally witnessed scores of black men demean, disrespect, and physically attack black women but treat women of other races like a goddess. It is a really sad state of affairs and I just don’t get it. I was at the store a week ago grocery shopping and a young black male grocery bagger treated a white woman at the check out stand with the up most respect and care. The lady behind the white woman was a black woman, but she did not get the same treatment. I saw the black woman say thank you after the bagger finished bagging her groceries and he wouldn’t even look her in the eye and say a word. If this blatant disrespect of black women continue, what is there to look forward to in the future?

    • @F Walker…

      I am a witness, I have seen it also, that’s why I refuse to hold my peace anymore sit idle like somebody’s clueless [email protected] fool and pretend like I’m not seeing what I’m seeing. I’m sick and tired of shallow weak-minded lack of intelligence no-back-bone black-men who think and believe that our God don’t hold black-men to the same standards of clean and wholesome living as he does the black-women.
      Their educations don’t even hold their donkey-a$$ up anymore, they seem more dumb clueless lost then ever these days. They don’t even know who the black-woman really is, they don’t even understand that she is the real blessing, but the white brothers do… and they are jumping on the band wagon 90 going north wifen sisters and procreating bi-racial babies… These white brothers on the west-coast be lovin on the sisters in public with no shame at all… and the children are beautiful and happy, we aren’t losing ground, but the black on black man / male is because we (BLACK WO-MAN) carry the womb to replenish the race, so when they reject us they are only rejecting themselves.
      So much damage has been done, too much water under the bridge, no answers to bring forth correction and turn this thing around, so let it roll, life is short and I’d rather be happy and un-abused for the rest of my days along with my seed too.

    • I agree F. Walker, for I have seen this type of treatment as well and it happened to me personally. While I was entering an elevator a young black male was holding the door opened for a young white lady; however, I made it the entrance first and his disgruntled demeanor was as obvious as he looked at me until a white man on the elevator looked at the young man in a confusing way. This statement is not to down black men as a whole for I have the most respect towards black men; however, this behavior needs to stop because whenever we demonstrate this type of attitude toward our own, it’s as if we’re disrespecting ourselves, for we’re both black. So I don’t understand this at all. I asked myself at the time, I wonder does he have a sister or, how does he feel about his own mother? Something to think about. Kudos to all the black men and women who love their own skin.

  5. Sadly we must shoulder some of the blame for selecting these nuts. So many women will do anything for attention from a male, never considering what kind of person he is. There are signs to be aware of, take a moment and check him out first. His smile, sex, money (perceived), car, house, etc. Get real about why you are with this person. Also children are not a reason to allow ourselves to be abused.

    • @Goldy…

      Amen!!! You said it all… and a man that wants to put a ring on the finger don’t mean a [email protected] thing, black-women need to stop getting all excited about a [email protected] ring & a white picked fence with all the trimmings, the devil comes in all forms… Learn to love and build relationship with your creator and he will bring forth the “RIGHT HUSBAND” for everlasting, anything less is destruction.

  6. It goes both ways. I’ve seen several videos of bw beating on their bf sometimes in teams. And trying to run over a black man in a car.
    I was at Taco Bell and a bw who was cashier fiddled with her phone as i waited to have my order taken. She ignored me until a old wm walked in. Even then she looked over me to try and serve him first.
    Nobody is dating bw and bw can’t raise self loving black people when she hates herself and has inferiority complex. @NigiNata(Twitter)

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