Black Women With College Degrees Are Not “winning” – Here’s Why


By Victor Trammell

Black women in America have made amazing strides this year when it comes to graduating college and expanding their collective earning power.

They’ve definitely outpaced their fellow black men in America when it comes to improving their educational status and overall career readiness. However, when it comes to finding their comparative equal in marrying black men, collective progress is not being made by black men and black women in love alongside each other.

The idea of a successful black family is very far-fetched because the majority of black women who are successful are single or unwed mothers without a black man in their household to bring better earning power to the table.

Richard Reeves, a senior fellow in Economic Studies, policy director of the Center on Children and Families, and editor-in-chief of the Social Mobility Memos blog wrote an opinion-editorial titled “Why black women with college degrees can’t get ahead.”

This article was originally published on the website for the Brookings Institute, and was re-published earlier this year on the website for Quartz News. Reeves gave the breakdown on why black women aren’t getting the same level of career success of their educated female counterparts in America in other races.

Here are the facts and figures Reeves revealed in his well-researched article:

“If we narrow our focus to those college graduates who do marry, the race gap remains clear: compared to whites, black college graduates are much more likely to have “married down,” in terms of education. White, married college graduates are slightly more likely (11% versus 8%) to have a better-educated husband (i.e., with post-graduate qualfications). But the real race gap appears between those with equally-educated and less-educated husbands. Married, black college graduates are much more likely to have a husband with a lower level of education, compared to whites of a similar background (58% versus 48%).”

Does this mean black women are limiting their options by deciding not to marry well-qualified outside of their race? Or is this reality due to educated black men deciding to expand their options by marrying outside their race once they get themselves together career-wise?

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