Blast Belly Fat: 3 Superfoods That Do The Trick


flat bellyA lot of women would not worry too much about their curvy bodies if the curves didn’t come with an unattractive belly that bulges through their clothes. Another reason why it’s important to get rid of belly fat is that it actually has some very serious health consequences.

According to Television personality and heart  health specialist, Dr. Oz,

“Your omentum is the pouch that contains your belly fat. The extra weight you are carrying on your omentum begins to squeeze your kidneys. Your blood pressure raises and your liver fattens; the accumulation of this fat characterizes nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. This added weight leaves your liver unable to process toxins. Over time, your liver hardens, and scar tissue begins to build up to replace liver cells. This scarring is called cirrhosis, which leaves you feeling tired and groggy.”

The three foods that you can eat to blast that belly fat are below:

1: Goldenberries

Goldenberries is a vegetable that comes in whole and dried form. Goldeberries come from Brazil and contain B complex vitamins that help boost your metabolism.

Goldenberries can be found in health food stores and in special sections of most supermarkets. Because they are low in calories, they make a great snack.

2: Miso

Did you ever notice that a lot of Japanese women don’t struggle with weight issues? According to Dr. Oz, one of the reasons for that is because they use miso as part of their diet.

Miso is a seasoning which reduces the triglycerides in the blood. Because it is quite pungent, it may be better to put it in soups. Miso is generally available in supermarkets and if not found in supermarkets, it will be in health food stores. Dr. Oz recommends one cup of miso soup a day to fight belly fat.

3: Sauerkraut

When a lot of people think of sauerkraut, they think of hot dogs but if you’re trying to blast your belly fat, you should skip the hot dog and just go for he sauerkraut.

Says Dr. Oz.

“This is one of the big secrets on the show: You may not realize this, but the way that our gut metabolizes our food is very important for the way that we get our calories in. We have different bacteria in our guts. So if your bacteria aren’t healthy bacteria, then you do not digest food like you are supposed to. You can actually absorb too many calories and put weight on without doing anything else differently in your life. Sauerkraut is fermented. It’s unprocessed and fermented food that can provide bacteria that’s good for you—so it repopulates your intestinal tract. So we believe it’s very effective to help people lose weight.”

Of course, eating these three super-foods will help you to eliminate belly fat but it in order for the 3 super-foods to be really effective, they have to be part of a healthy diet and regular exercise.


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  1. Cathlynn Wright on

    This is some very good information that is needed. I have struggled with excess belly fat for too many years now. I’m glad to know there are some foods that will aid in getting rid of this belly fat. I will try it and hope and trust that it will work for me. Thank You so much for the information.

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