Body Language That Makes You Seem Insecure and Insignificant


Young woman sitting with thouhtful expression.By: Krystle Crossman

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to your business or career. There are certain poses that you can stand or sit in that will sabotage your business. When you are engaged in these positions, you will not be taken seriously. Here are the five diminishing positions that you should be watching out for.

1. Ankles crossed while standing: This can send a message to others that you are shy and you consider yourself to be insignificant. Many women stand this way because it is more comfortable especially when you are in high heels. To appear confident stand with your back straight and ankles side by side.

2. The fig leaf pose: This is when you have your hands crossed and hanging over the area of your groin. Men do this as well and it can make you seem as if you feel that you are unimportant. The best way to stand is with your arms at your side.

3. Tipping and tilting your head: Many women tilt their head to the side when they are listening to someone so they can hear better, but this can actually make you look confused. It can also give the impression that you agree with the speaker when you really don’t. Keep your head straight up.

4. Coy eyes: If you drop your chin and look up with your eyes, this can be taken as a coy and flirty look. Maintain straight on eye contact to show that you are listening and that you are serious.

5. Nervous habits: Picking at your fingernails, playing with your hair, picking lint off of your clothes can all make it seem like you are bored with the conversation or will make you appear nervous and fidgety. It is hard to be taken seriously when this happens.


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  1. good advice if it’s done naturally otherwise you may look uncomfortable and programmed—-some would probably need to make mistakes(and learn for them in the process) to arrive at this stage of security and so forth and so forth. PEACE!!!

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