Brandy and Her Man Call Off Engagement and Take Time Off


By: Krystle Crossman

Singer Brandy Norwood and her fiancé Ryan Press have decided to put their engagement on hold. Press is Norwood’s manager. After they moved together Sister 2 Sister noted that the relationship seemed to change. They are now going to postpone the marriage to see if they really should get married or not.

Although neither one of the couple has said anything on the topic, it seems that getting back together is not completely out of the picture. It was rumored that Press was set up on a date. Their professional relationship is still very much intact and Brandy is continuing to film “The Game”.

Brandy and Ryan got engaged in 2012 while they were on a vacation in Hawaii. Brandy was seen with a bare hand at her surprise 35th birthday party a few weeks ago. She was also seen without an engagement ring on the 21st at the 45th NAACP Non-Televised Awards ceremony.

Norwood is most known for her R&B music. She is also known as being the star of television show Moesha. She also starred in the live version movie of Cinderella and had a role in I Know What You Did Last Summer. One of her biggest musical hits was “The Boy is Mine” which was a duet that topped the charts with singer Monica.

In 2006 Brandy was involved in a very widely publicized motor vehicle accident. She was driving her Range Rover home on December 30th when she slammed into the back of another woman’s car at almost 65mph. The woman in the other car died from her injuries. Brandy was never charged with anything or arrested due to insufficient evidence. She came back from this incident and since 2010 has been back into the acting world.



  1. It is better to take the time to know if in fact you
    are making the right decision.
    its a serious commitment that takes considerable
    work to make it last!
    No easy fete! that’s for sure….
    Good luck next time. and please dont make a temporary
    relationship to a permanent one. If its not suppose to be.

  2. Sistagirl from the Boogie Down Bronx on

    So sorry to read this, I was hoping that she would finally have the happy ending that she appears to have wanted since her Wayne Morris romance… I commend her for her tremendous courage in calling off the engagement if things aren’t right. Many women would move forward to avoid questions, embarassment and shame. I wondered why she was crying so much at her birthday and why Ray J appeared extra comforting and why there was no sign of the very handsome fiance… Well now I know for sure. Wishing her the protection of the Holy Spirit and an abundance of blessings because I truly believe she is a lovely young woman who has experienced so much adversity…

    Hang Tough Lil Sis!

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