Brazil Crowns Controversial Queen; Miss BumBum


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

There are many different types of beauty pageants out there. Some of the most controversial are toddler pageants (mainly due to the overbearing mothers as seen on Toddlers and Tiaras). Now there is a new pageant that is drawing a lot of criticism in Brazil.

Brazil native Dai Macedo won the 2013 Miss BumBum competition. Yes, you read that correctly. The 25 year old won a competition that was all about her perfect backside. The competition was held in Sao Paolo. Mercado represented her home city of Goias. She has a 42 inch bottom which won her the title after she beat out 14 other finalists from all over Brazil.

Mecado did an interview and she said that it took a lot of hard work and sacrifice to get the bu*tt that she has today. She said that she denied herself of a lot of things such as sugar and going out to nightclubs. She would use her weekends to work out as hard as she could. Interestingly enough it is all worth it. The winner of the competition can make a lot of money from endorsements after she gets the title. This makes the sacrifices more bearable.

Just like any other competition, this one has had its share of scandals as well. In the beginning of the year there were claims that two of the contestants, Eliana Amaral and Mari Sousa, were bribing the judges so that they would place better in the competition.

While this seems like an odd and degrading pageant, the women who enter work very hard to get the posterior that they have and do not feel ashamed to show it off.



  1. Maybe this is their way to compensate for the lack of black models in the country. Most black women have nice shaped bumbums! lol!

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