Breaking the Beauty Mold: One Fashion Week Designer Uses Real Women Instead of Supermodels on the Runway to Inspire


By: Krystle Crossman

Designer Carrie Hammer has brought new life to New York Fashion Week for the second year in a row. Instead of having runway supermodels parade around in her designs she does something a little different and she is getting a lot of praise and a lot of attention for it. Hammer says that she feels that it is important to inspire women and show them that beauty is not about how you look on the outside but about accomplishments, success, and personality. She takes successful women in all different shapes and sizes and puts them into her show for a unique experience during Fashion Week.

Hammer has dubbed her show with the name “Role Models Not Runway Models”. She takes women who are behind the scenes at major corporations and puts them on the runway for the world to see. She wants to show everyone just how amazing these successful women are and how that makes them extremely beautiful. Some of the women on her guest list include; Director of Operations of Coca-Cola Missy Owens, Brandthropologie CEO Billee Howard, senior editor Marie Ospina, and the founder of Nexus Rachel Cohen Gerrol. All of these women have accomplished amazing things and yet they are wildly unheard of. Hammer wants to make sure that these women are put into the spotlight that they deserve no matter what their size or age to show women everywhere that power and success is beautiful.

One of the most inspirational models this year was American Horror Story actress Jamie Brewer. She is the first person with Down Syndrome to ever walk a runway. Last year Hammer had a woman in her show who was the first person to go down a runway in a wheelchair. Hammer says that she wants to challenge the way that these fashion shows are normally run. She wants to bring not only diversity into her shows but wants to bring reality as well. Being a runway supermodel is not reality for most people and more women will respond to a fashion show where they can see the clothes on someone who looks more like them.


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