[email protected] Mother Banned From Elementary School


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Maegan Shoemaker just wanted to go watch her niece and nephew participate in a track meet at their school. She never thought that she would end up banned from the school grounds. But that is exactly what happened and she is fighting back against the Plew Elementary School which is located in Niceville, Florida.

Shoemaker was watching the “Mile Club” event that the school held every week. Her niece and nephew were running in the event so she wanted to go spend the afternoon supporting them. She brought along her 9 month old daughter to the event as well. Once her niece’s event was over she got up to stretch and take a walk before her nephew came out. As she was walking she noticed that her daughter was getting hungry. She went up to the top of the bleachers where no one could look over her shoulder while she was feeding her child. She had her baby carrier positioned in front of her so that no one would see while she was lifting her shirt.

She was feeding her daughter when she felt someone tap her on the shoulder. She told Yahoo Parenting that it was the principal of the school. Principal Carolyn McAllister told her that she needed to use a nursing cover while she was feeding her child. Shoemaker said that she knew that she had rights as a parent but wasn’t sure how to express that in this situation. She nodded and then after a few minutes wanted to speak with the principal. She went into the office in the school and told McAllister that she doesn’t eat under a cover and her baby didn’t have to either. She told Yahoo Parenting that she didn’t swear or get angry or anything but the school stated that she was being belligerent and hostile.

The principal stated that she was going to be trespassed from the property after the incident in the office. Shoemaker got a notice from the Sheriff’s office that she was allowed on the property only if she didn’t display any hostile or aggressive behavior. She does plan on going back to support her niece and nephew again but stated that it would be awkward. She and a group of other [email protected] mothers are going to a school meeting and holding a “nurse-in” which is where a group of women all [email protected] at the same time in order to bring their rights on the issue to light.


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