Bria Murphy Reveals Shocking Practice Supermodels Use to Stay Thin


bria-murphyBy Staff Blogger

Supermodels are thin. They have to be in order to be supermodels. But how do they manage to stay so thin? Do they eat just right and do hardcore workouts? Some do. Do they have fast metabolisms? Yes, some do. But you won’t believe what some models are doing to keep hunger at bay so they can stay thin.

Bria Murphy, daughter of Eddie Murphy, is exposing a trend in the world of modeling that may be seen not only as disgusting, but dangerous as well. Models are eating cotton baIIs as opposed to eating real food. That’s right…cotton baIIs. They dip them in orange juice and then swallow them so that they feel full.

Murphy said the modeling industry that she was part of as a young girl was everything she wanted, but there was a lot of pressure that came with it. She stated that sometimes you would simply walk into a room and they would tell you no for no reason. Sometimes she said they would give you a reason but it wasn’t something you would want to hear such as “your butt is too big” or “your nose looks funny”. It is pressures like this that lead young children to anorexia and bulimia.

But what does a cotton ball do to you while in your system? It can’t be good for you. Too many cotton balls down the hatch and you could end up with an intestinal blockage as they stick together. This is a fatal condition if it is not caught in time.

Murphy said she had seen many lives ruined by the modeling industry and the pressure to be perfect.



  1. Being a coroner Ive seen it a couple of times the cottonballs do stick together and forms a cement like blockage killing intestinal tissue and then the tissues around it causing a dominoe affect. Or ur intestine will simply rupture because it cant move through the digestive system. Its said that these modeling agencies are cruel to the point that young ladies have to take such drastic measures just to stay thin. Where are the parents to these young girls they need to speak the hell up!!!

  2. Katie Rosella on

    It's really not that serious. I feel so bad for these girls that are literally killing themselves just to be called a supermodel. You can't be too super if you're darn near dead. I congratulate the ones who have been strong enough to unwrap themselves from the sickness, and pray the others will join them before it's too late.

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