C0nd0m Alternative: New Birth Control Protects From Both STDs and Pregnancy


By: Krystle Crossman

We all know that there are many different types of birth control out there. Many forms that women use protect against pregnancy, but not STDs. The only form of birth control right now that does both is a cond0m. This may soon be changing however. A company called CONRAD is in the process of developing a new method for women that provides dual protection.

A new intravag!nal ring (IVR) was shown at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists this year. The ring would be inserted and would last for up to three months. While it is in place it releases two different types of drugs. The first is levonogestrel which is a drug that is found in most forms of hormonal birth control. This is the drug that helps to prevent pregnancy. The other drug is called tenofovir. This is an antiretroviral drug that has been shown to greatly reduce the risk of contracting herpes and HIV.

The ring is still in a heavy testing phase. So far it has only been tested on sheep and rabbits but both of those had good results. There will be clinical trials performed on women in early 2014.

You will not be able to get a prescription for this ring anytime soon, but when you can it will be a great method of protection for you should all go well with the clinical testing. It does only protect against certain STDs at this time however. For now your best guard against both pregnancy and a disease is a cond0m. If they can come up with advances like this one now, who knows what may be down the road!


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