Can Eating Seaweed Help You Shed Some Weight?


By: Krystle Crossman

There is a new study that shows that seaweed could be the thing you need to eat in order to help you burn some fat. There is a fiber that is called alginate that is found in kelp. This fiber helps your digestive tract. It helps food to pass through your system and reduces the amount of fat that is absorbed into your body.

During the study the researchers used a model digestive tract. They found that even when someone had a little bit of the kelp in their system they reduced their fat intake by a little over a third. Keep in mind that you need to get some good fats into your body such as fats from avocados and nuts. These healthy fats can help your heart and keep your body running. If you ate too much seaweed and blocked the fat absorption you could end up losing out on the good fats.

People who are overweight or obese should include some seaweed into their diet in order to help lose weight. There are some FDA-approved drugs on the market that do the same thing (blocking fat absorption) but it is better to eat something that is a natural plant instead of taking other potential harmful chemicals.

While all of this sounds very promising at the moment there are still other clinical trials that need to be done in order to really see the potential of eating seaweed. They want to see if the human digestive system will react the same way as the model tract that they used in the lab tests. There are other healthy foods out there that you can eat in the meantime!


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