“Can I ask my man to go down on me?”: Ladies Questions Answered By a Guy


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

There are some questions that a woman may not want to ask a guy, but sometimes they are necessary. Here is some advice for women from Clint Carter (Women’s Health Guy Next Door) about some of these burning questions.

1. What can you tell about a girl from her social media feed?: There are a few things that you can deduce by looking at a girl’s feed. If there are a ton of photos of you partying and drinking, that is what the guy is going to think you do all the time. If you have a ton of selfies he is going to think that you are a little hung up on yourself. Try posting photos of yourself doing fun things like outdoor adventures or around the house crafts. This will give the guy a little more insight into who you are.

2. My guy won’t go down on me, can I ask him to do that?: Yes. You should always be open with your partner about what you like and don’t like. If you aren’t getting what you would like from him, let him know. It is better than going unsatisfied and then having that cause a problem later on down the road. Be open and honest. If you can’t verbalize it, try giving him physical cues.

3. I am embarrassed because my husband flirts with my coworkers at company functions. How can I get him to cut it out?: Don’t accuse him of anything or come at him too aggressively about it. Tell him that you think it’s great that he is friendly with the people that you work with but some may get the wrong idea when he is overly touchy and flirtatious. If you talk to him in a calm and sensitive manner, he won’t get defensive and will most likely stop.



  1. Hey…first thing is are you going down on him? I say that because you can’t ask for something you aren’t willing to give. If you are going down on him and he doesn’t return the favor you need to point blank ask what the problem is. I can assure if the tables were turned he would have asked you the first time why you didn’t return the favor. Personally…I wouldn’t be with a woman that had a boundary on going down…I think after 40 everyone should be passed the “ughh stage” of going down.

  2. If you have to ask, don’t, I would volunteer, 1st. because I don’t think anyone should ask unless it is the person getting ready to perform it and even then I would only ask in a seductive manner that let it be known that I wanted to do it for my own pleasure.

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