Can Quiet Introverted People Be Happier By Behaving Like The Out-going Extroverts?



By: Krystle Crossman

Studies have shown that people who are extroverts generally appear happier than those who are introverts. They go out and socialize with people and are not afraid to be in a setting where there are a lot of people whom they may not know. An introvert on the other hand would be far more comfortable at home alone instead of surrounded by strangers.

Research is showing that introverts are able to get a little bit of happiness by pretending that they are extroverts and going around to meet new people, but then at the end of the day that goes away and they feel alone again. The theory as to why this small amount of extrovert activity can help introverts feel happiness is because they are connecting with people on a deeper level than ever before and they feel wanted because people are talking to them and carrying on conversations.

Extroverts are also known to be motivated easily while introverts do not seem to have much motivation themselves. Extroverts are able to process rewards for doing something positive and they are more sensitive to dopamine which is responsible for the reward center of the brain.

Clark Powell states that he doesn’t believe that introverts will magically feel better if they act like someone else. He identifies as an introvert and says he is extremely happy when he is alone and reading a book or watching TV.

Researched have discovered that genetics may play a role in your introverted or extroverted tendencies. But why, if introverts are going to act like extroverts, don’t they just become an extrovert and be done with it? The answer is simple, because they don’t want to! Introverts are that way because they want to be.


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