Can You Spice Up Your Life With Nud!ty?


By Staff Blogger

Are you looking for some ways to spice things up at home? Here are two experiences from women who tried out being nude with their partner around the house and what they had to say about it.

Case 1 – She and her husband got up in the morning, got naked, took a shower, and then spent the day until noon wandering around the house in the nude while they were getting ready for their day. She said that it was fun even though she wasn’t completely comfortable with her body like she wishes she were, but that didn’t get in the way. One thing that was a small problem however was making breakfast. She said they had to be extremely careful not to splatter anything or spill coffee on themselves!

Her husband was a fan of this because he said it was nice to run around the house for a few hours and stare at his wife instead of just right before they had s*x. He considered it his own Playboy mansion for the day.

Case 2 – This person spent the entire day at home nude with her boyfriend. She said they did normal things like watch TV and stuff, but they also got hot and heavy far more than they normally do during the day. She said they would tickle, tease, and laughwith each other. She felt insecure at first about her body but her boyfriend showered her with compliments through the day. She stated that she felt much more attracted to him. Now they make every Sunday “Naked Sunday”.

Her boyfriend said that it was extremely hot to watch her all day, even just doing normal things like unloading the dishwasher or doing the laundry and that he was extremely attracted to her all day long.


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