Cardio or Strength Building; Which Should You Do First?


By: Krystle Crossman

When you go to the gym to get your workout done, do you question what you should be doing first? Which is more beneficial to you, cardio first or strength training first? Some personal trainers will tell you that it all depends on the person and what they are hoping to achieve. If you are looking to lose weight you probably want to start with cardio to get your heart rate up and if you are looking to build muscle you may not want to spend you energy on cardio. However a new study out of the University of Jyväskylä in Finland says that it may not matter what order you go in.

Researchers studied a group of young men that were all in good shape for 24 weeks. One of the groups would go to the gym and do their cardio first and the others would head right to the weights. After those six months both of the groups had increased strength, endurance, and muscle mass. The ones who did their cardio first however showed a lower level of testosterone in the body. This is something that could slow your body’s recovery after a workout but the researchers said that the difference in the testosterone levels had disappeared by the time the six months was over.

After the study the researchers concluded that it is pretty much a matter of personal preference as to which you want to do first. They advised that if you do cardio first keep in mind that your body’s recovery period is slower because of the lack of testosterone in your system so go easy on the intensity of the weights after.



    • I started playing football at 10 years of age, eventually earnings a “College Scholarship” along with 10 years as a Marine Corps Reservist & will be running my 5th marathon in October & at 44 years of age I can still fit the clothes I wore as an undergraduate student. I’m no fitness expert but know what has worked for me, I suggested you find what works for you despite this article

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