Change Your Health and Your Life Without The Pressure of Weight-Loss


By: Krystle Crossman

With the new year comes new year’s resolutions that usually are not kept. Think back to a time when you made a resolution and actually followed through with it. It’s a hard thing to do. This is because people often resolve to make some huge life change. Instead, try making smaller changes. It is easier to stick with them.

1. Give more of your time. Voluteering is very rewarding not only for yourself, but for those that you are helping. Donate blood, volunteer at a food bank or at an animal shelter.

2. Get outside more and get some fresh air. Bundle up if it’s cold and take a walk. The air is invigorating and helps to clear your mind.

3. Read more. Whether it’s newspaper articles, books, magazines, or graphic novels…it doesn’t matter. Just read. Reading is a fun way to get out of your own thoughts for a while and is good for your brain.

4. Try to cook at home more. We all love going out to eat once in a while because someone else cooks the food and someone else washes the dishes. However this can get expensive. Try to cook large batches of what you are making and freeze the leftovers so that you have more food in the house and don’t waste your groceries.

5. Forgive yourself more. You are not perfect, none of us are, so forgive yourself for the little mistakes that you make. Learn from them and try to remember the mistake for next time.

6. Call your friends and your family more. They will appreciate it and you will too!

7. Sympathize with other people more. This will help you to become less frustrated with situations where you may normally get upset. Try to see their point of view too.

8. Try to be early for things. Being on time is great, but getting in the habit of being early is even better.

9. Waste less. Whether it’s groceries, paper, or time. Waste less of everything. Don’t by more than you need.

10. Get yourself away from your phone every now and then. We know it’s your lifeline for everything, but once in a while leave the phone at home and just enjoy the day. Facebook will still be there when you get back.


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