Cheating Moms: The Surprising Things They Do


cheating_phoneBy Staff Blogger

Mothers have a lot on their plates when it comes to family and their own lives. They have to take the kids to school and sports, do their homework with them, get supper on the table and make sure that everyone is tucked in at night. Some mothers however are trying to balance in a very different task…cheating. is a website that is kind of like a dating site, only you aren’t really looking for dates but rather for “hook up” partners. The people who go to the site are people who are already in marriages or committed relationships. They ran a poll and of 15,000 cheating mothers, one in five said that they found themselves in a situation that was hard to get out of when it came to balancing their extra activity with their family life.

It was also shown that the highest spike in cheating mothers signing up for the site came the day after Mother’s Day! The website saw an increase of 439% on that day in 2012 as compared to any other Monday. The theory behind this is that Mother’s Day can often lead women to look at their lives and wonder if they could have done something differently, or leave them longing for a change.

Here are some other shocking statistics from the website:

– Of the 15,000 cheating mothers that were polled, 67% of them admitted to taking a call from their lover right in front of their children.

– A whopping 56% admitted that their affair has caused them to be late picking their child up from school or sports.

– 29% admitted to changing their child’s schedule to correspond with their hook up times.

– 4% said they have introduced their children to the person they are having an affair with but under false pretenses.

– 2% of the mothers said they have been caught by their children in very compromising positions.

These mothers may want a change in their lives, but how about a change in hair color or wardrobe? Is risking their family really worth it?



  1. The first wrong thing is Adultery followed by guilt for some not all they never think about the after effects of cheating on ones mate,as long as the husband or wife is not aware of it.But eventually things that are done in the dark comes into the light no matter how long ago the cheating was and than here comes the consequences,Divorce,broken familes, custody issues, child support,financial problems and the list goes on and on.What a tangle weeb we weave when we practice to deceived.

  2. Dee McKinney on

    Its sad because a lot of these women aren't happy in their current situations but don't have enough inner-strength to get up and walk out….FOR GOOD!

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