Chicago Man Facing Felony Charges For Knowingly Exposing Girlfriend To HIV


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Chicago police have arrested Johanson Little for knowingly exposing his ex-girlfriend to HIV without telling her about his status. Little, 31, is now facing felony charges for what he allegedly did. The couple had dated from June in 2012 to June in 2013.

In February of 2014 Little’s girlfriend tested positive for HIV. Little had been previously married and told her that the wife had died of ovarian cancer. She did some research by asking his family and found out that his wife had actually died of AIDS.

When the woman found out about his HIV positive status, after confronting him, he was arrested. It was discovered that he had known that he was HIV positive since 2003. He is currently being held on $750,000 bail and is being charged with criminal transmission of HIV. This is considered a class two felony. If Little is found guilty he could face three to seven years in prison or up to 14 years if he were given an extended term.

There are two different types of criminal HIV transmission that someone can be prosecuted for. The first is intentional transmission. This is when the person knows that they have HIV and are trying to give it to another person. They will have unprotected s*x with the person that they are trying to infect until they are successful. The second is reckless transmission. This is when the person knows that they are HIV positive but they do not take the appropriate measures to protect the other person. They are not intentionally trying to give them the virus but they are being reckless about their s*xual conduct which can lead to transmission of the disease.



  1. Please do your research before you give yourself to someone. Criminal background checks are baseline. And please, no glove , no love. Another option may be for a couple to get tested together before anything physical takes place. I had a friend who wad infected with HIV. This was before treatment was available.

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