Children Of Divorce Share What Their Parents’ Split Did To Them


By: Krystle Crossman

When going through a divorce it is hard to focus on anything else but you must understand how your behavior and actions during the divorce affect your child. A thread on Reddit popped up about children that came from homes with divorced parents and what happened to them from their own point of view. Here are seven of the most common things that they said:

1. One person told his story about how he acted out at school. He said that he was a bully because he had a lot of anger and frustration. He didn’t understand why his mother was so sad and why his father had to leave. He did end up stepping up in his role as a big brother and helped more around the house.

2. Quite a few answered that they felt relieved when their parents finally split. Some couples fight and fight for years which is draining for a child. Many said that they spent their teen years wishing that their parents would split.

3. One woman said that even though her parents’ divorce was tough she found out that it was for the best after she saw how happy her parents were after they were divorced. She found that her father was more outgoing and really thrived after the split.

4. One man said that when his parents split up he was angry and took that anger out in any way that he could but blamed them for everything. He didn’t place the blame on himself.

5. Some people will badmouth the other parent in front of the child which gets tiring after a while. They may even badmouth the child. Children still love their parents and don’t want to hear about how horrible their other parents think they are.

6. Some of those who answered said even though they were adults when their parents split it was still really hurtful.

7. One of the biggest things that people who came from one-parent homes remember is how much of a financial strain was suddenly placed upon the household. One person said that he respected his mother so much more after watching her hold down three jobs so she could pay their bills.



  1. William Leonard on

    It have a negative affect on some of the kids when parents split. If the parents talk with the kids and remain apart of their lives after the divorce things may go better for all.

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