Chiropractor Shocked When His Misogynistic Menstrual Product is Not Well-Received by Women


By: Krystle Crossman

Daniel Dopps, a chiropractor from Kansas, has invented and patented a product designed to help women during their monthly visit from Aunt Flow. While products that are aimed to help women at this point of the month are usually well-received, this product was definitely not. Dopps couldn’t believe that he was facing the amount of backlash that came his way. It seems that Mr. Dopps doesn’t understand women as well as he thought he did.

The product is called Mensez. It looks like lipstick only it is clear. It is lipstick, however not in the traditional sense. The product is made up of glue that sticks skin together. Dopps explains that women are to put this glue on their “lips” below and it will stick them together. This will cause the blood to become trapped so that it does not leak out during that time of the month. The glue dissolves when it is hit with urine and all of the blood that has been sitting trapped is released. Dopps feels that this product is going to be a huge hit and will be bought out by large companies. The fact that Mr. Dopps failed to realize that this would be offensive and off-putting to women only made his debut that much worse.

After receiving criticism for the product from angry women he wrote a response that stated that we have had a long time to come up with a product like this, but as women, we have failed. He stated that all we have been able to come up with is “diapers and plugs” which did not go over well. He then goes on to say that women on their periods are having their heads messed with and are not as creative at this time of the month and this is where men can step in. Dopps states that women are less productive than they could be at all times because 25% of the time they are so concerned with hiding the fact that they are on their period because it is gross. He states that we have been duped into thinking that these “diapers” (pads) are a wonderful tool to help us through that time of the month when in fact they are horrible and gross.

Those who weren’t offended by the product certainly became offended after Dopps’ misogynistic rant. Dopps says that the backlash is mainly caused by lesbians because they are mad that he is a straight white man who has created this revolutionary product, and not a woman.

How do you feel about this product and Dopps’ response to his critics?



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