Chrisette Michelle Faces Fierce Backlash For Agreeing To Perform At Trump Inauguration


By Victor Trammell

Singer Chrisette Michele (pictured) is another black entertainer who has been added to list of people making controversy over deciding to take part in the upcoming January 20th inauguration of president-elect Donald Trump.

According to a report made earlier this week by the New York Daily News, the 34-year-old “Be Ok” hit maker has agreed to perform during the festivities that will take during the 2017 U.S. presidential inauguration. On Wednesday, (January 18th) a rep from Chrisette Michelle’s public relations team released a statement to Essence Magazine, which confirmed her decision to be on the list of rock, pop, and country music performers scheduled to take part in the routine ceremony.

Both Essence and The Daily News both reported that Chrisette Michelle’s music management and public relations teams have tried hard to keep her decision to perform quiet because of the fears of public backlash. Sydney Scott, an Essence online contributor wrote the following in a web article:

“A deal was reached weeks ago with sources claiming Michele and her team wanted to keep the news a secret because they feared backlash. Well, what do you expect when you plan to perform for a reality show star and his bigoted friends? Insiders add that Michele was approached by Trump’s team to perform “Intentional” with Travis Greene,  Tye Tribbett, and Jonathan McReynolds, the trio she performed the song with for BET’s Celebration of Gospel event. Two of the three declined, so Michele decided to move on with an R&B set.” (

Other media outlets have tried to reach Chrisette Michelle’s PR and music management team for further comment on this issue. However, none of those attempts have reaped any results. Other black entertainers and private citizens alike have gotten a flurry of negative reactions for accepting invitations to perform or agreeing to meet privately with Trump aides to hear about taking part in the upcoming inauguration.

Is it wrong for this much controversy to be raised about black people being invited to take part in Trump’s inauguration? Feel free to leave your concerns, questions, or comments below.

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