Clumsiness, Depression, Insomnia Could All Be Due To This


By: Krystle Crossman

When your period is on its way there are some obvious signs to let you know that it is that time of the month. You may experience cramping, fatigue, and nausea. But there are some other symptoms that you may not even realize are a side effect of your monthly visitor. Some don’t make much sense, but they are common problems that happen to many different women.

1. Insomnia – Your hormone levels are all over the place before you have your period and this can severely interrupt your sleep schedule. Progesterone levels dip a few days before your period. Progesterone has the effect of sedatives when it is at normal levels which is one of the reasons that you get tired at night. When the levels drop off you may have a harder time calming down at night. Estrogen levels spike in the days before your period which causes your body temperature to rise while you are sleeping. Being hot and sweaty at night can cause you to wake up multiple times.

2. Focus – Many women find that they have an inability to focus in the days before and during their period. This could be because your hormone levels are messing with your neurotransmitters. It can be very tough to keep still and keep your attention on one thing for extended periods of time.

3. Clumsiness – Do you find that you drop things a lot before your period? This is an odd problem that is quite common in women. Scientists are not sure exactly why this happens but believe that it may have something to do with the fluid that you retain affecting your brain and your motor skills.

4. Depression – Some women find that they become very depressed before their period. Doctors believe that it is due to low serotonin levels that affect the neurotransmitters. Women who have severe PMS tend to respond well to anti-depressant medications.

5. Sweet and Salty – Almost all women find that they have intense cravings for sweets or salty foods in the days leading up to their periods. Try not to indulge too much as excess salt can cause even more bloating and sweet foods will cause you to gain weight.

6. The Itch – Doctors are not sure exactly why, but some women experience burning and itching, much like a yeast infection, during PMS. They believe that the change in hormone levels cause a spike in yeast levels as well.

7. Pain – Many women experience a lower pain tolerance before their period. If you get a bikini wax before your period, you are going to feel it much more than normal. Pain receptors are more sensitive around that time of the month.



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