College Student Says She Only Dates Men With 700+ Credit Scores


By Victor Trammell

A young, black female college student who resides in the Canarsie district of Brooklyn, New York knows exactly what she is looking for in a potential man.

Martina Paillant, 22 (pictured), is currently a graduate student in Miami. She recently did an interview with The New York Post and an article about it was published this week titled “I Only Date Guys With High Credit Scores.” Paillant said that her personal credit score is above 800 and won’t date a man with a credit score below 700.

“I need a man who has his life together and can pay his bills,” Paillant told The Post.

The Story Behind Paillant’s Assertion

Paillant’s path toward financial security and responsibility began when she was 16-years-old. When it comes to dating men, Paillant asks her potential lover what his credit score on the fourth date. Some might call her wrong for that, but she definitely has her reasons, which are grounded in strong family values.

“I was raised in a family of professionals who keep their finances in check and taught me how to handle my money,” Paillant also told The Post.“I have no student loans and I can already take care of myself financially. I need a man who can take care of himself, too.” she continued.

Finances are a very important part of life and they definitely impact romantic relationships. Money is also a very important factor of becoming married. People fail to understand that when they marry someone who is a financial burden to themselves, that burden is legally passed along to the person they are marrying.

A 2015 study that was conducted by the Federal Reserve Board found that couples with credit scores of 750 and above typically stay together, whereas couples with below average credit scores (600 and under) do not stay together at all.


While some may look at Paillant’s viewpoint about love as one of a gold digger, it makes perfect sense to consider a person’s past regarding their level of financial responsibility before getting seriously involved with them. Poor financial responsibility is often prevalent among people who have other red flags that are not conducive to a serious relationship.

Here’s what two married women who are also successful business owners have to say about this young lady and her dating standards:






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  1. You should look at this type of thing. Some men have the nerve to expect sex on the first night. But I can’t know anything about your background upfront? You want to invade my privacy (mh body), but don’t want to offer information about YOUR PRIVACY ($$your Financial history/literacy/responsibility level$). where they do that????

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