Comfort Foods that Won’t Rack Up the Calories


downloadBy: Serena Crawford

When it is cold out you want nothing more than to curl up on the couch with a good movie and some nice hot comfort food. Unfortunately many different comfort foods are very bad for your health. The good news is that there are a lot of different winter comfort foods that you can eat without guilty.

1. Chili – There are so many different ways to cook chili. Some are not as healthy as they could be because they are filled with fatty meat and topped with cheeses. You can however make yourself a nice vegetarian chili that is great for you. The spices can help to clear out your sinuses, the vitamins in the veggies and beans are great for your immune system, and best of all it is piping hot. It is a dish that is sure to keep you warm on a cold winter’s day.

2. Grilled cheese – This is a favorite for adults and children alike. There is nothing better than a warm grilled cheese and a bowl of tomato soup at the end of a cold day. However grilled cheese is loaded with fats from the cheese and butter on the bread. You can change up the way that you make this sandwich that can make it a bit healthier. Add tomato for a little veggie infusion and only use one or two pieces of cheese. In order to brown the bread without using a bunch of butter put extra virgin olive oil in the pan instead.

3. Oatmeal – This is a great food that is normally eaten for breakfast but is a great meal to have any time of the day. Oatmeal has been shown to lower cholesterol significantly when eaten regularly. You can cook it with water to avoid any fats from milk or you can use skim milk instead. You can add all kinds of different healthy alternatives such as fruits, flax seed, chia seeds, and spices.

4. Burgers – While this comfort food may not seem like something that is healthy, it has potential. Eat a turkey burger or a veggie burger instead of using beef. These both have little to no grease that comes from the burger. Load it up with veggies and use a whole grain roll and you are set!

5. Potatoes – Many people fear potatoes because they are full of starch and calories. However it depends on how you cook them and how much you eat. You can have a bowl of mashed potatoes that are made with skim milk and olive oil instead of full fat milk and loads of butter. You can use sweet potatoes instead. If you want French fries, make them at home and bake them instead of frying them.


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