Common Shows Love For Black Women With His New Documentary “Love Star”


By Victor Trammell

Chicago-born hip hop artist and actor Common (pictured) has made a great name for himself by being one of the “good guys” of rap music.

Songs like “Come Close” (featuring Mary J. Blige) and “The Light” cherish black women and the unique, yet elusive love that good black men and women have between each other. Common’s positive message is not just needed in rap music. It is also a message, which must serve as a buffer against the praised dysfunction of black couples.

This dysfunction goes on full display in a number of reality television shows and other forms of media. Common obviously understands this and is doing something about it. According to Essence Magazine, the 44-year old music and film star has produced a documentary, which “praises love through the eyes of black women.”

The new, short documentary film Common has created is called “Love Star.” In an exclusive interview, which premiered the documentary, the “Used to Love H.E.R.” hit maker explained the thought process he went through while coming up with the idea for this film.

“So, the theme, Love Star, came up just because I thought it was a cool nickname to call somebody that you’re close to. You know how people say, ‘oh, that’s my bae’ or my ‘boo’ or ‘my girl,’ like we used to say. Love Star is like a beautiful way of describing somebody important in your life that you care about,” Common told Essence.

Common also secured the assistance of Nefertite Nguvu to co-direct “Love Star.” Nguyu is an experienced filmmaker in her own right and was happy about being a part of the creative process of producing “Love Star.” She also talked to Essence about the experience she had working on the film.

“Any time I have the opportunity to do work that gives us a sense of visibility and dignity and complexity, I am excited to do it. I think there’s need for it, especially with all of the images that exist that depict Black women in the opposite light,” Nguyu said in her interview with Essence.

To watch an official trailer of “Love Star.” click the link to the source below.






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