Community in Charlotte, NC Angered After Black Woman is Assaulted by Asian Store Owner


By Victor Trammell

Members of the black community in Charlotte, North Carolina are in an uproar after an incident that unfolded at a local beauty supply store.

According to WBTV Channel 3, a local news media source, protestors gathered on Sunday (March 12th) outside Missha Beauty store to encourage a boycott of the establishment. This Thursday (March 9th) incident began when a black woman was accused of stealing from the store by Sung Ho Lim (pictured left), Missha Beauty’s owner.

A cell phone video of the incident landed online and it shows Lim approaching the unidentified black woman making a vocal accusation. The black woman then vehemently denied stealing from the store and a shoving match ensued between her and Lim. Lim is then heard saying, “You hit me!”

He then kicks the black woman, gets her to the ground, and forcefully puts her into a crippling chokehold. Lim subsequently filed a police report against the woman accusing her of strong armed robbery. He suspected that she had stolen a pair of eyelashes.

Lim also said he plans to turn over the store surveillance video to local authorities, according to WBTV. The local news source also reported that no arrests have been made by police. Protestors believe that Lim used excessive and potentially deadly force against the black woman.

“When he was choking her, he was almost choking her to death. She was gasping for breath, and he was continually choking her,” said Teresa Mosely in an interview with WBTV. Mosely said she was a regular customer at Missha Beauty before this incident. She told WBTV that she does not plan on patronizing the business any longer.

A protestor named Corine Mack told WBTV that Lim should issue an apology to Charlotte’s black community for what he did to the woman in the video.

“We are the ones who go to his store on a regular basis, and allow his family to live a good quality of life,” Mack said. Lim said that he would issue an apology on Monday (March 13th) in an interview with WBTV.

“I don’t know, it just happened. I went crazy,” Lim said. “No matter what the reason, I feel very sorry to her and to them,” he continued.

An online video news report on this story can be watched by clicking the link to the source listed below.







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