Cond0ms: Why Size Matters


By: Krystle Crossman

Most couples find that having to wear a cond0m can really hinder their s*x lives. They are uncomfortable and tend to lessen the sensation. The problem is that when we are taught to use cond0ms way back in s*x ed class we are not taught that size is everything when it comes to choosing the right ones. This leads to people using the wrong size and feeling like they just shouldn’t even bother because they can’t feel anything anyway.

Think about some of the other things that you wear every day where size matters such as shoes, bras, and pants. If those are the wrong size, how do you feel? Probably pretty uncomfortable right? The same is true for cond0ms. They come in three basic sizes for the most part. Most guys will go for the “average” size even though this is not the proper size for them. If the cond0m is slipping or comes off in the middle of the action, your man will have to get a smaller size. This does not necessarily mean that his manhood is less than stellar. It simply means that the “average” size is not as average as the companies think.

Lucky Bloke conducted a survey and found that only 15% of 3,800 men that were questioned needed a larger size. They also found that 35% of men needed a smaller size than what they were getting. If only men realized that one in three men needed a smaller size than they were getting perhaps more men would be willing to get that smaller size. Spending a little bit of extra money to find the right fit will greatly improve you s*x life and your partner will thank you for it!



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