Congrats: Rapper, Actress Eve is Getting Married to Millionaire Boyfriend


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Another celebrity wedding is on the way as rapper Eve recently got engaged to her boyfriend Maximillion Cooper. She didn’t flaunt her new ring on Twitter or Facebook like so many other celebrities do. Instead, one of her fan pages saw a photo of her with a very large ring on her left ring finger and put a tweet out that said that she was wearing an engagement ring. Lucky for the fan page they were right! Eve and Cooper have been together since 2010 and got engaged at some point over this holiday season.

The couple has been living in London for some time now but they travel back and forth between there, LA, and New York. She had her family with her in London to celebrate Boxing Day and Christmas.

Cooper is a fashion designer as well as the man that invented the Gumball 3000 which is a very popular road rally in Britain. He has 4 kids from a previous marriage. Eve says that she loves the children and they go on vacations together all the time. She was worried at first about the relationship with Cooper and how the kids would react to it, but they have all been great.

Eve told Katie Couric in an interview that she was shocked by all of the negative attitude that she got when she first began dating Cooper. People were angry because he was white. She says that romance just happened and it doesn’t matter what color someone is. Love is love. She says now the negative comments have calmed down but she just couldn’t understand all the hate that came from people at first.



  1. You go Eve… I am so so so very very proud of you my sister, and don’t listen to nobody, especially America, only listen to your heart because you do deserve to be happy and Cooper is going to see to it that you are 1000 times over… You go girlfriend / now that’s what I’m talking about!!! Sisters need to wake-up and stop selling themselves short, lying to their own-self beliefs that the only type of man for them is a black-man…plezzz!!

  2. yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Happy! Happy! Happy! and Congratulations for you EVE!!! See what good things will come when you keep people up-out the business.
    Eve I know you been on the down and quite with this relationship and guess girlfriend!!! You WIN… now establish your roots in his country so your marriage can be-live and survive. America will kill it off, run away from real happiness and Europe is also a good place to continue your music career… ENJOY / smoochezz my sister!!!

  3. I wish people would be this happy when a Black Man marries a White woman ,it seems to always be negative almost like a double standard.

    • Tewdrowos…

      Its not so much about a black-man having a successful life and marriage with a white-woman… its more so about how bad African American men mistreat the African American women period.
      Black women are not as DOGMATIC as black-men make them out to be, many African American women are just hurting because we have been so taken advantage of by our African American men period, but don’t get it twisted: there are so many African American women out there who are married to white brothers and don’t give a d*mn about what and who our African American men are dating or marrying.
      I have 2 beautiful daughters that I don’t want to see married to African American men because they don’t know how to love and treat the black-woman.
      There are some good black-men out there, but they are very very very very very few in numbers and not enough to go around… and if your a real honest brother you know I’m speaking the truth.

      White brothers lay-out the red-carpet for African American women just like you do for your white lover /wife or whatever she is to you…wink!!
      Brother its all good now because sisters are finally waking up and doing what it takes to make them happy which is what you guys have been doing all along to make yourselves happy (its a 2-way street right?)…wink!!!

      • @ Redbone sorry but women who are treated bad by men AALLOW these men to treat them bad. And black women dont always treat black men well so dont pull the “black women who date white men do it because there arent any good black men” card. I dont have a problem with dating or marrying out the race so congrats Eve!

      • Please explain to me why it is that we “African-American” community is the only community were the higher a man’s education level & the more income he has the less children he has. I have a cousin & a few childhood friends who have spent most of their lives in prison with 4, 5 even 9 children, were has most of my college teammates, friends & Fraternity Brothers have 1,2 or maybe. 3. Maybe its not “Bad Black Men” but bad relationship choices by Black Women. Even had a “sister” on this “Blog” call me an “out of touch Republican” because I had an college degree, was married & had a job when I had my 1 son & my parents & Grand Parents were married also, like to be a real “Black Man” I must begot children out of wedlock be from a broken home & I guess have a criminal record also, is there something wrong with me or her

        • Good morning AL Hill…

          AL education and economic is an eye-opener, many African Americans walk around with their eyes closed, and some of us are just more stronger then others, and some of us are just more fortunate then others.
          When it comes to things of a spiritual nature concerning God’s people I try to be so careful how I judge people and their situations because a man’s (childhood trauma) and his (strengths) will determine his passage into adulthood… African American who are more out going / travel to other states, travel outside the country don’t live in a box, so their horizons are more open to real life, but for those who never come out of there communities, they get stuck, they don’t grow pass, and they get caught-up.

          Let me say something AL… I don’t hate black-men, matter of fact I prefer my black brothers over all other races. But let’s keep it real.. black American period is on skid-row with every entity of life in the natural realm…
          All this BS about African American males and females mistreating each other is nothing new under the sun… God is just exposing what’s been hidden in the darkness for years because its been kicked and kept under our filthy rugs. God said in the last days everything in the dark shall come to the light.
          AL I have 3 brothers, all who are good strong black-men, along with my 2 black sons who are also good strong black-men, I also have a bestfriend who is a blackmen 70 yrs old against my 53.. and when I tell you he’s my bestfriend don’t take it lightly, and AL I get along better with blackmen then I do blackwomen but I also know how to listen and dysipher, and I see and discern most things most people can’t even see. I’m different / not the norm at all. I also communicate with blackmen behind bars and I try to feed them when I see them out on the streets.. There are many things I cannot say or share across this blog-room.

          Its 5 brothers and sisters in my family, we all have the same father and mother. My children all have the same father. My brothers love their children, but one wife is a drama queen to my brothers children, it comes in all stages.
          I don’t want none of the African American community BS crossing my threshold when it comes to my children and my grand-babies.

          *I will not have a curse under my household, because I have sold-out to God and suffered to pay the price. My skin color is high-yellow and red, I had to physically fight my way thru school, my daughters walked the same curse and so did my sons.
          Our fights were not against white-folks, they were against our own people because our skin was too light and our hair is too long. I received 2 post from 2 blackmen… outstanding!!! I will try to share…

  4. I wonder if Eve had been dating a “Married” “African-American” man with kids for years & he left his family for her would he be in the “Dirty Dog Diaries” & she labeled a “Side Piece”, Must be nice to be white. On this same “Blog” commentors ripped “Taye Diggs & Terrence Howard” to pieces, for their relationship status, I must admit I do enjoy the positive turn

    • AL Hill II…

      H*ll yess!! Her azz would have been ripped to many shredds especially in my book because its wrong to be involved in any type of relationship where the other party is married rather they have children or not… even if their seperated and divorce has not been filed and emotions and children are involved its wrong, and its low-down and dirty. Divorce severs in the natural realm and the spiritual realm, that’s why so many relationships flop when they do anything less then doing it the right-way.

  5. @ Redbone – chick please the only person youre ahead of is the dude from the insane asylum chasing your azz down with a big azz net and a straight jacket. You made no secret of your intense dislike of black men, youre always talking sheit about how abusive they are and how “bad” they treat black women sorry but Im not buying that tired victim sheit you try to sell to black women on black blogs. No black man in my 25 years on this earth has ever treated me bad…but I dont attract deadbeats losers and abusers AND I dont ALLOW black men to treat ME bad, soooo like I said you OOZE dislike for black men. You couldnt just throw up congrats to Eve, you had to go into a lame azz explanation about how the big bad black man treats the poor, fragile helpless black woman. You psychotic azz aint fooling anybody here you used Eve to throw shade at black men AGAIN. Sheit at least when Im throwing shade I just keep sheit real and toss it, you do that sheit incognito then when you get called out you go off cussing out people and name calling, between reciting random bible quotes and incoherent ramblings. Youre as nutty as a dayum fruitcake. The psyche ward is calling for you, Red.

    • Devon…
      Your self esteem is very very very low little girl, why so [email protected] jealous all the time. You have absolutely no experiences when it comes to real life, and your just a [email protected] accident waiting to happen and real judgement is waiting at your front by the way you judge your own sisters. You are one jealous lame a$$ RATCHET RATTLE-SNAKE-PITT-MOUTH little girl with absolutely [email protected] shyt and waste for brains. Just wait til you find out your man is actually [email protected] around on you too. Watch-out little girl 25 yrs old, break-down is coming your way cause its called life [email protected] dig-bat caught up in a time-warp. [email protected] fool I have too much experience where you have absolutley none at all.

      No Hope:
      and a couple others I follow has your ignorant a$$ pegged real good need I say more!! Now stop and take a deeeeep breath and take your spoil baby breath a$$ running to yo old a$$ mommy. Bye little 25 yr old girl.

      • Pas grave… Il ne faut pas que tu restes sur ce mauvais see0;mnnt&#823tiDes anonymes pas très courageux, il y en a partout… et il y en aura partout.Allez, oublie ce commentaire et passe ton chemin. ça n’en vaut même pas la peine mais je comprends que tu fumes…. parce qu’ils ont qu’a passé leur chemin.

  6. Almetha Mccollins on

    Y’all doing to much on this topic! If she’s happy then leave be damn! For the record I have two biracial children and their fathers are white and are pieces of shit! But I married my old boyfriend I was with 16 years ago and he’s black! He treats me like a QUEEN so it doesn’t matter what race ALL RACES HAVE NO GOOD ASS MEN!

  7. I have yet to read anyone pass judgment or wish ill will on Eve’s union. I just have questions, she has done the exact same thing Gabriel Union has with a married man with the exact same amount of kids & the reactions toward “Gabby” & “D. Wade” has been completely polar opposite from “Black Women”. Could it be because you identify & sympathize with D. Wades Black from the South Suburbs of Chicago Ex-Wife & not a White from the U.K Ex-Wife. Also is there an off ramp for hypocrisy on the “High Road”

    • AL Hill…

      I see your not getting the answers your looking for, not even the attention. I’m not going to laugh at you, but I will say this: Eve and Gabrielle’s situation is not the same unless you have prof concerning some new information. Eve’s life and relationship just happens to really be on the up and up right now, and its not fake its real. My sources revealed some very positive information about Eve to me last night. This is Eve’s time to bloom and I wish her well. If Dewayne Wade was doing all the right things then I’d applaud him and Gabby. Its not so much about Gabby, its more so about Dewayne’s triangle with these 3 women involved. His situation is too [email protected] obvious and totally out in the open. Some situations don’t take a lot of intelligence to see and understand that something is a-miss / not right / shady period. Last word bottom-line: African America is tow to the curb: this is the real answer to your questions: NO UNITY, NO BALANCE, Unstable, Family Values Gone Out The Door, No God, Serve False Idols, its just endless. Now how can you even think your going to find an answer in all this chaos..? That’s why I’m standing my ground with stable choices for me and my children. Its called escaping the stinking rat-race…

      • My comment was in response to a post accusing people on the “Blog” of denigrating Eve’s union because of race, which I’ve not seen & post here have denigrated Gabriel Union & Vilified Dwayne Wade long before the revelation of the “love child”. I wasn’t aware of Maxamillion family situation till I spent a few weeks in London last year & trust me he is viewed as a #1 “CAD” there

        • ****LMBO****

          Okay AL… Now go into the wall of choas and inform all the women about MaxaMillion. I hear you..wink! and time will expose all things.
          AL on the up and up I just plain and simply tired and want out. Some of our passports have come in the mail, just waiting on mine, the rest is history, and I’m just buying time with much meditation and exercise. I do these articles in seasons and spirts, right now its cold outside…wink! so its something to do to keep my brain moving aside from designing and building my business. Have a blessed day AL.

          • I got my Passport in 1997 after my military I.D expired, I’m also an engineer with a German National graduate school classmates turned business partner. Have been on 5 of the 7 continents. I’m also on the South Side of Chicago & have watched Dwayne Wade play since he was a kid & I’m also 44 years old & live & Die by “Man-Law” (never turn your back on a “Brother”), I’m “old school” & biased

          • *****LMBO*****

            Al your too much!! I have a great sense of humor when it comes to you lol!!! You remind me so much of my 23 yr son in the military, he articulates just like you, and AL, “I raised my sons with a father in the house who wasn’t really there. The man even had an honorable discharge that he didn’t even deserve because he dealt drugs in the military on base while stationed in Germany. Like I said in some of my post: I really do love my black-brothers but shyt is real funky in America with black, and you know what I’m saying is TRUTH..
            I hate the way white folks treat us, but AL look at us/african americans…really!!
            I had a white Commander tell my son to man-up to his responsibility concerning his girlfriend being pregnant, and an African American Sargent tell my son to just go off and leave the girl and the baby because International laws will protect him… really!! Thank God I raised my son with true wholesome family values, and he told them my mother didn’t raise me like that. The black Sargent also went on to brag and tell him how he got some German girl pregnant with his son and he just went off and left her cold and dry… really!
            AL I’m talking about one of our black brothers…wink! Then we have black-men who are married to good black women who purchase vacation packages to cross the waters and be with others tropical sisters, some have all types of STD”s HIV the whole 9 yrds, they lie cheat steal, they just do it all, even down-low activity.. really! but you say your BIAS to understanding my feelings as a real proud black-woman who just wants the best for her children / seeds…really!!

          • Yea there is a Zero Tolerance for drug use or distribution in the modern military, I retired after 10 years in the Marine Corps reserves & 1 tour in Irag, have a childhood friend who was discharged out of the Navy for drug distribution & did time in Levenworth then 2 tours in an Illinois Prison system for the same thing but now owns his own cement contracting company. If your son got a “dishonorable discharge” he can petition to get it changed to a “general discharge”. Being my Father’s Son drugs & alcohol never really enticed me & have been an athlete all my life, am a vegetarian & ran my 5th Marathon this past October, have an 18 year old son here in Chicago who thank God is similar, because young Brothers here die

          • AL…
            My son did not get a dishonorable dis-charge, he’s still in the military, he’s married to the military since he was a baby, its his true destiny and his mama is so very very proud of him. Its his father who sold drugs in the military, but he played them and got an honorable discharge that he didn’t deserve at all. He sold drugs to his own people on the base in Germany, and he’s an alkey and a dope-head to this very day. Karma!

          • AL Hill II…

            AL read the post below I copy & paste.. its from a black man to black women.. Very interesting eye-opener because its coming from a black man and I really do admire he for coming forth and speaking out, but who will listen to the real source. Let me just say this: many brothers behind bars are very very angry with black-women, and it does matter to me, but I’m just one amongst millions fighting a losing battle.

            Written By Ronnie Hughes (OUTSTANDING) aka:A Blackman With A Voice…

            Brothers and Sisters, we need to stop trying to justify immoral behavior, especially when it is wreking so much havoc in our communities. Sisters, children need their fathers! Are you saying that God didn’t know what He/She/It was doing when He/She/It created men and women? That is the height of arrogance and stupidity. Understand this, those bastard children who turn out to be fine did and do so despite their circumstances, not because of them! Even though they appear fine you don’t know the emotional trauma they had to endure before they worked it out. You don’t know if they are still suffering from being born out of wedlock. Do you completely dismiss the statistics cited in the article? They are probably worse than what is stated. The author did not emphasize the emotional trauma that bastard children experience because it is difficult to measure and quantify that. Often times, illegitimate children blame themselves when their fathers are absent in their lives. What kind of man will they be attracted to, if any man at all? Will they ever trust a man? What does that do the moral fabric of the community? I’ll tell you: millions of mean, frustrated, man-hating Black women who have no respect for themselves and absolutely no respect for any Black man and most of them repeat the cycle. And we wonder why we are not getting married. What does being born out of wedlock do the the male child. I’ll tell you. They end up hating Black women, but try to hide it by pretending to care for all the womnen they have sex with. Acutally, they have contempt for those women because they hate their mothers for not having married their fathers. What do we get: cold, evil, self-hateful males who respect nobody. They are dangerous, but who made them that way? They became monsters when their mothers and fathers conceived them without the benefit of matrimony. You can’t fool life, Brothers and Sisters. The moment the sperm penetrates the egg that new life knows if it is loved and wanted. Brothers and Sisters, and especially to you Sisters, how can you say you love your children and you didn’t love yourself enough to demand a commitment from the scum that impregnated you? No, you don’t love your children. How they turn out is proof of that. It is a supreme act of selfishness to have a kid out of wedlock. It is also defying God to do it. What are the wages of sin? Brothers and Sisters, I know what I am talking about. I have been a bastard for 68 years!

          • and guess what AL..? I’m oldschool too, but in some instances oldschool ain’t working anymore, and I know [email protected] well your intelligence is not shallow, especially since you’ve traveled across so many continents and you teach too…really AL?
            Al Hill does not live his life in a box, and AL don’t forget I watch you and Brother Regie Battle it out in another blog forum about Yolanda Adams & black women dress code..LOL I read all your post…wink!!!
            Al I also live by a code of ethics too..

          • My grand father was military police in the Navy, my mom a military brat.. I went to several colleges in the state of cali but I didn’t attain a degree because I put all my time into raising my 4 children and raising one son who was ADD/ADHD, and it doesn’t make me any less then someone who has a degree.
            I’ve written 2 books yet to be published, I’ve been in the ministry (Thank God He Saved Me From The Religious Churches In The USA), I come from a host of family educators and professors, prosperity minded background period.

        • Let me say this on my way-out… Eve looks Good, she has a very wholesome clean-spirit well-being look about herself and my sources tell me she’s spent a lot of time in Jamacia recording learning to eat healthy, live healthy the whole 9 yds.
          AL when your involved and saturated with a lot of negativity in your life it shows in your appearance, make-up doesn’t hide everything especially if God wants something exposed in your life. I don’t fool with the American Media at all. I listen to my spirit and I wait on God to reveal to me. I just be who I am and I don’t allow people to control my life. I don’t live my life hiding in the darkness behind BS… That’s why I’m able to communicate like I do. Life is life such as it is…

  8. Sella Lockett on

    Wow I love my Black men, and I appreciate my Black sisters. Marry who makes you happy. Congratulation Eve.

    • @Sharon after reading the online article and seeing the picture of an African American black-man loving and taking care of his bi-racial children I applaud pray & support Eve to the UTMOST in her relationship and up-coming MARRIAGE TO MAXAMILLION… The WAR in that blog forum and the awfulness and just down right disrespect and mis-understanding and treatment of our sisters coming from our black-men was just too overwhelming… but redbone said it best: The black-women don’t need the blackman to procreate the earth because the black-women has the womb and the strongest seed… the blackman can continue to cut his nose off to spite his face while he becomes a rare-specimen until he is no-more. The black-woman still wins the war, sad but its true. *WE ARE THE HEADS AND NOT THE TAILS, WE ARE ABOVE ONLY AND NOT BENEATH…AMEN and so it shall be.

  9. And I’m not racist or a hater but I feel the black-woman pain because I am her… our black babies are lacking the love of their black fathers so I guess the black- women will create another race that is more appreciative…

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