Congrats To Kelly Rowland and Husband on Birth of Baby Boy


downloadBy: Isabella Carson

Another celebrity baby has been born. Kelly Rowland and husband Tim Weatherspoon welcomed their son into the world at 1:30pm on November 4th, 2014. All through her pregnancy she would drop hints about what the baby’s name was going to be. They named him Titan Jewell Weatherspoon which had a family connection.

Kelly Rowland let social media and photos show what was going on through her pregnancy. In June she posted a very sweet photo of a pair of adult sized Air Jordan’s next to a baby sized pair with the caption, “I’ll be stuntin’ like my daddy”. Then in July she announced to everyone that she would be having a baby boy. From there she would post photos throughout her pregnancy showing her ever-growing belly. You could feel the excitement through all of her posts.

In October she posted her last photos before the baby was born but they were not what you would expect. She was completely nude in her maternity photos. She stated that she had taken a birthing class and the teacher was teaching them about all of the things that your body does while you are pregnant and giving birth. She wanted to celebrate all of the wonderful things that the body does naturally and decided to do the photoshoot.

After the baby was born she joked that now she was going to have two babies to take care of, her son and her husband.

Rowland is an accomplished singer, actress, and songwriter. She began in the girl group Destiny’s Child with Beyonce Knowles. She released her first solo album in 2002 while Destiny’s Child were on a break. After the group split up she released another solo album in 2007. Both albums did well in sales. She was a judge on the X Factor for a while and most recently released her latest solo album, Talk a Good Game, which has more of an R&B flare than her previous albums. In her career she has sold 60 million albums with Destiny’s Child and 27 million solo albums. She married Tim Weatherspoon in May of 2014 after three years of dating.



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