Cosmopolitan’s “Most Beautiful Women in The World” List Left Out These Women


By Victor Trammell

Cosmopolitan Magazine just caused a ton of controversy after the long-running women’s fashion, lifestyle, and culture publication featured its list of the “10 Most Beautiful Women in the World.”

However, Global Grind reported earlier this week that Cosmopolitan took the list down off of its website due to the backlash that came. The reason for the backlash was that there was not a single black woman selected for the “10 Most Beautiful Women” list.

Cosmopolitan surprised a lot of its black American female readership with this latest move. In the past, famous black women in entertainment, such as rapper Nicki Minaj, singer Beyoncé, and model Naomi Campbell have been featured multiple times on the covers of past issues of Cosmopolitan.

Global Grind reported that the magazine explained the absence of black women on its list by saying that results were “based on a supposed ‘scientific’ study that collected data via face shapes.'” However, people everywhere on social media weren’t buying Cosmo’s lame excuse.

“I’m seriously looking at that Cosmo list of ‘the ten most beautiful women in the world’ like,'” posted a Twitter user named P’Challa MacKenzie. Global Grind’s report elaborated on some strong points about some of the women on Cosmopolitan’s list. The report partially reads as follows:

“Such lists should serve as warning to how we determine data as fact. One could imagine that most of the people tested, questioned, or used for study where of the Eurocentric persuasion. Some people have even pointed out that some women on the list are known for appropriating their aesthetic from Black people.” (

Here is a full list of the women Cosmopolitan selected for its “10 Most Beautiful Women in the World” list.

1. Amber Heard
2. Kim Kardashian
3. Kate Moss
4. Emily Ratajkowski
5. Kendall Jenner
6. Helen Mirren
7. Scarlett Johansson
8. Selena Gomez
9. Marilyn Monroe
10. Jennifer Lawrence















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