Couples Should Never End Their Marriages Without Doing These 7 Things


By: Krystle Crossman

Almost half of all marriages end in divorce these days. It makes you wonder if people stop to think about their actions before filing or if they just file and get things over with because of a little fight. Here are seven things that you should think about before signing any papers:

1. Stop assuming things. If you sit and assume that your partner doesn’t love you or that they aren’t attracted to you anymore you will start to actually believe it. You need to let go of assumptions and communicate with your partner instead. You may find out that you were wrong about a lot of things.

2. Stop and think about what getting a divorce means. Imagine that you have already gone through with it. What will your life be like? Will you be okay if they are not there every day? Will you be able to handle watching them move out? If the sheer thought of this makes your heart ache you may want to hold off on a divorce.

3. Think about the traits that you look for in a partner. Then think about whether you have any of those traits yourself. If you do not you may need to work on yourself before you try for a divorce. It could change the whole dynamic of the relationship.

4. Trying to change your partner into something that you want them to be is a big mistake. Communicate with them about behaviors that may be less than desirable instead of trying to flat out change them. Change your views on what needs to be done with the relationship.

5. Recommit yourself to each other. Make a list of things that you did when you started dating and do those again. It will help to rekindle the romance and bring your closer together.

6. Admit when you have failed. Do not place blame on your partner for something that was your fault. Communicate openly, be honest, and own up to your mistakes. This will help to open the dialogue when you are in an argument.

7. Let go of the past. You may have had some bad experiences with old relationships, we all have. But when you are in an argument with your current partner and it reminds you of what you used to go through in other relationships, push that out of your mind. If you compare the old to the new you will never make progress and find a solution to the problem.


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