Couples Who Have $ex Everyday Enjoy Better Health, More Happiness and Creativity


By: Krystle Crossman

What makes you happy when you are having a rough time with life? Do you turn on the music and take a drive in the car? Do you call your best friend to complain about your day? Some people feel the best after having a little fun with their partner. There are biological factors that come into play here. When you have s*x there are hormones and endorphins that are released that make you feel great. Your mood will be elevated, your skin will glow, and you will feel happier overall. But did you know that this doesn’t just last for a few minutes after you are done doing the dirty? It can last for quite some time. Studies have shown that people who get their freak on every day lead happier and more creative lives.

Getting busy every single day may seem like a lot but when you realize the benefits of it you may not even think about it. You will have a deeper connection with your partner. You will improve your self-confidence. You will feel less insecure about your body. There are tons of health benefits as well such as a lower blood pressure, lower risk of heart disease, and in some cases a lower risk of cancer. This is because your romp in the sheets is great exercise and burns a lot of calories. And hey, it’s a lot more fun than going to the gym right?

Did you also know that having s*x every day can spark creativity? The University of Newcastle psychologists conducted a study and found that artists were among the most s*xually active out of any of the participants and had the highest number of partners. The participants were all asked to think about a walk on the beach with the person that they loved and then took tests after that measure creative output. They were then asked to think about casual s*x partners on the beach and took the tests after that as well. The researchers found that those who thought about a loved one were far more creative than those thinking about a casual partner, who were more analytic than creative.


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