Couples Who Live Together Twice as Likely To Break Up As Married Couples


Happy couple moving into new home carrying cardboard boxesBy: Krystle Crossman

It can be a great experience when you move in with your partner for the first time. It can also be extremely frustrating because there is no room for any of your stuff to be included into the home. What happens if once you are all moved in and settled, you have sold your old home or the apartment you lived in has already been rented, and you end up splitting up with your partner? Where will you go? Will you have a place to live? Should you have had a backup plan up your sleeve just in case?

According to research, co-habitating couples are twice as likely to break up as married couples. There is a new initiative in Britain for just this very problem. LoveSpace is a storage facility that is meant for those who do not want to put all of their eggs in one basket when they move in with another person. It is a safe place for them to put all of the furniture that will not fit when they moved. Moving can be expensive, especially if your ex insisted that you get rid of your stuff that you don’t have room for and then when you break up you have to buy all new furniture. This is costly and frankly a pain.

If you had something like LoveSpace around your house, would you put your most prized possessions in it just in case things went wrong or would you be taking a risk and getting rid of all of your stuff? If you get rid of your stuff it does show that you are committed to the relationship. They say that it is a place where people who are afraid of commitment can get help moving along with their partner, others say that it’s just an easier escape route for them in the end.



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