Crazy: Extremely Rare Birth Defect Causes Woman to Become Pregnant Through [email protected] $ex


By: Krystle Crossman

There are many women out there that have only [email protected] s*x because they do not want to get pregnant. Sadly for them they can still get pregnant this way although it is a very slim chance, one in a million. However a doctor from the Jersey Urology Group in Atlantic City, Dr. Brian Steixner, said that during his time at med school there was a woman who came in and was found to be pregnant even though she claimed she only had [email protected] s*x. What they found was something much more interesting and very rare.

There is a birth defect that is called cloacal malformation. It is when the woman is born with no urethra, no [email protected] canal, and only one hole that connects all three of the important organs in the pelvic region. The uterus is fused to the rectum and is called a fistula. When a woman with this disorder has her period she ends up bleeding through her rectum as that is the only hole where discharge can come out. Usually this disorder is caught at birth and is corrected. The inside organs may not work properly but everything has the proper channels. With the cloacal malformation all of the discharge and waste from the bladder, uterus, and colon come out of the same hole called the cloacal.

The young woman that came into the emergency room where Dr. Steixner was training said that she had spotting coming from her rectum. Spotting is normal for pregnant women but usually the blood does not come from the rectum. Since the woman only had one hole in which she could have interc0urse she was technically having [email protected] sex but the uterus was connected to the hole as well and so the sp*rm was able to travel to the uterus and fertilize an egg. They gave her a c-section when it was time for her child to be born as they did not feel that natural delivery would be safe. Her baby was healthy.

The later that this birth defect is caught the harder it is to repair. While the organs are small and still growing the repair is much easier as the body can develop the tissue that it needs to as it is growing. By the time the woman is an adult the surgery is much riskier. There is a large variety of complications that can arise and leave the woman with lifelong difficulties.


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