Crazy Ways to Get Yourself Out of a Date Gone Wrong


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By: Krystle Crossman

You are at a restaurant on a first date and it is not going well. How do you get out of there immediately without embarrassing yourself or hurting his feelings too badly? There are some ways that you can get out of a bad date in a tasteful fashion and not end up having to suffer through the whole night but sometimes the date is so bad that anything goes!

1. Don’t plan too far ahead. This of course doesn’t work if you are already on the date, but will be useful for future dates. Go out for a drink, or go for coffee or lunch. Don’t lock yourself in to a long dinner, concert, or movie. Plan your first date around a timeline of an hour or so, but if it’s going well, by all means stay. If it is a second or third date and you just aren’t feeling the person you are out with, plan the date in small chunks. Go for a cocktail at a bar, then head to a café for appetizers, and then if you can make it to a restaurant for dinner, head somewhere that isn’t crowded.

2. Avoid clichés. Don’t tell them that your so and so was in a car accident or that your grandmother died, or that you forgot to take the dog for a walk. You never know who has heard what lame excuses and it is better to keep things honest. The playing sick card however is still fair game for you. People can legitimately get sick at random times, especially if they have food poisoning from something they ate earlier in the day.

3. Do something totally insane that will embarrass them and have them taking you out of their little black book. Scream at them for ordering the wrong food, start crying for no reason, or propose to them! Anything goes as long as it is wacky enough to get them to end the date first.



  1. tell him you need him to pay ;bills, auto/ins/ water/gas/lights!!!! off he goes! if he says ok’ watch out he wants control!!!!!!!!!!

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