Cure for HIV/AIDS: Soybeans May Help With HIV Treatment


download (13)By: Krystle Crossman

There may be a new treatment for HIV on the horizon and it is derived from a compound found in soybeans. Genistein, the compound that is found in soybeans, also could help fight off medication resistance because of the way that it fights off infections. It acts differently than current HIV treatments and shows a lot of promise.

Yuntao Wu is a researcher and states that because the genistein attacks the cellular processes that are needed for a virus to spread an infection, it is better than other treatments. It doesn’t directly attack the virus which doesn’t always work. It makes the virus more difficult to resist the medication in the system and could be a complement to current HIV treatments in order to make them more effective.

There has only been a small amount of research done on genistein and how it affects the HIV treatments. They are still unsure of how many soybeans and how much genistein a person would have to eat in order to get the benefits of it. The current study was published in Retrovirology. In the study they exposed a type of cell that is called CD4T to genistein to see if it would stop the cell from becoming infected with the HIV virus.

Soybeans have also been in the news recently for finding that they help to stop cancer in its tracks as well. In the study conducted at the University of Arkansas, it was found that soybean meal peptides helped to stop cancer growth in the lungs, colon, and liver. The peptides are derived from the bean after the oil is extracted from the seeds.

Even though this research is still in its infancy, it is still exciting to think about a natural treatment on the horizon.


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