Curry 50 Times More Powerful Than Vitamin C and E


curry dishBy Staff Blogger

People love spicing up their foods while they are cooking, but how many stop to think about the health benefits that they are adding to their dish with just one little pinch? Here are some fantastic spices that add flavor and nutrients to your dinner with no effort at all.

Curry Powder: Curry powder contains a spice called turmeric, which is made of curcumin. Curcumin is an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory. Professor Bharat Aggerwal, PhD of the University of Texas states that it is 50 times more powerful than Vitamin C and E.

Rosemary: Cooking food at high temps produces heterocyclic amines, which have been known to cause cancer over the long run. Marinating meat in a mixture with rosemary before cooking can wipe out up to 84% of these amines.

Oregano: This Italian staple spice contains a powerful punch of Vitamin K and also has the same amount of antioxidants in it as does three cups of spinach. Oregano helps to stop bacteria from multiplying.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is excellent in helping to stabilize your blood sugar levels. Half a teaspoon a day can reduce your risk for heart disease and diabetes in just six weeks.

Ginger: Upset stomach? Ginger can take care of that. It can also help relieve sore muscles that have been worked out too much. Studies have shown that women who have ginger daily have a longer attention span and scored higher on memory tests.

Nutmeg: This spice can help you to prevent cavities. It kills the cavity causing microbes and is also an anti-inflammatory agent.

Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne pepper is loaded with Capsacin. This super spice helps to fire up your metabolism so that you burn more calories and eat less at your next meal.

Cumin: Cumin seeds can help you to get 22% of your daily value of iron. This keeps your energy high and immune system running. It can also help boost brainpower!


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