D.L. Hughley: Why a Woman Cheats On Her Man


DL_HughleyBy: Krystle Crossman

Some men cheat. However women cheat too and maybe just as much as men do. There are reasons (not excuses) as to why women cheat. D.L. Hughley brought up the topic on his radio show recently and gave a list of the top reasons that women cheat.

1. They are bored in the bedroom. A boring s*x life can cause a partner to stray if they are not being satisfied in the way that they would like to be. Instead of talking about it with their partner like they should, they go off and find someone else on the side.

2. Along with being bored, sometimes women don’t feel they are getting enough of what they need in the bedroom. Again this causes them to seek out someone else instead of having an honest discussion with their partner.

3. When a man cheats on a woman she sometimes feels that she needs to get revenge on her partner so she will go out and find someone else to sleep with to get back at him.

4. Cheating can be used as a way to get out of a relationship. If the woman isn’t sure how to just break things off she will go out and cheat and make sure that she is caught so that he will dump her.

5. Some women feel as if they are being ignored and neglected by their partner. This leads them to seek out affection from someone else.

6. Women can have low self-esteem at some point in their lives. To boost that self-esteem they may go out to a club and try to pick someone up and bring them home. It makes them feel wanted.

7. When a woman feels no emotional connection with her partner anymore she may cheat to find a connection with someone else.

8. Bad girls. We all know at least one of them. They want to keep that reputation up and so they will cheat on their partner.

9. Finally some women feel that there is no intimacy in the relationship anymore. Sleeping with their partner is just going through the motions as opposed to actually having a connection.

No matter what the reason that women give for cheating, there is never an excuse. Either communicate with your partner or leave them.



  1. I am curious to know what scale do people use to make a statement of women cheat just as much as men. Each gender will sometimes go outside of their relationship. I don’t think its relevant on who does it the most its still WRONG.

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