Daily Behavior That 77 Percent of Women Exhibit and Need to Stop


By: Krystle Crossman

If you are a woman it is almost a guarantee that you are doing something that is not only bad for your wellbeing but is bad for the wellbeing of others around you as well. It may seem like something that is harmless but it is infectious and causes other people to feel negative as well. The sad part is that over 77% of women do this on a daily basis.

When you wake up in the morning and look into the mirror, what do you do? Do you stare lovingly at yourself and admire all of your great qualities? Or do you stand there and pick yourself apart bit by bit and then go call a friend to vent your frustration? Every time that you open your mouth to complain about how you hate that curly thing that your hair is doing or about how your eyes are too big, or your hips are too wide, you are spreading all of that negative energy around. The more you speak about yourself in a negative way the more harmful it is for your self-esteem. And once your friends hear you talking like this, they begin to question what they don’t like about themselves.

It is time to stop all of the negative thoughts about yourself. Instead of thinking about the negative things, think about all of the positives such as how great the color of your eyes is or how toned your arms are. Every day add more and more positive thoughts. When someone gives you a compliment, thank them and be done with it, don’t deflect it back by saying something negative. If you have a friend that is complaining about their appearance in some way, compliment them and then make them aware of their negative habits as well.



  1. What? The time that we waste talking to our friends about slight imperfections on our bodies, its okay to discuss different physical concerns or cosmetic issues sometimes,but you can run your friends away after awhile, put that energy into uplifting one,another as,sisters,maybe go to the spa n have some wine listen to some music, stop being so damn hard on ourselves! You are gonna gets pimple,scar,dry skin,grey hair strands,chipped nails,awkward eyebrow arch,nail color chips,new moles in your skin,ok?

  2. Most negative females tend to divert that anger/hatred to so-called friends and associates…AFTER they’ve beat themselves up BEHIND closed doors. ..I know…I’ve had to get rid of yet another neighbor/practical-stranger for dissing me in my own home. YUCK!

  3. Sweet Tips from Lola!’a Lips: 52 feel good tips for living an awesome life!

    Practice loving who you are starting today! Begin to really start loving yourself. Look in the mirror, and tell yourself, “Hey you! I love you! I love my beautiful eyes, my hair, my mouth and that gorgeous face looking back at me.” It’s time for you to start practicing and believing that you are the very best! Remember if you can’t love yourself, it is not possible for you to truly love anyone else. You can write down or record it on a voice memo, the things that you are loving about you! If this is new for you, practice this exercise on a daily basis and watch and see how much better you will begin to feel and people with like positive energy will want to be around you. Have an Awesome Week!
    Lola! Love, CLC

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