Daily Habits and Routines of Powerful Women


By: Krystle Crossman

Powerful and successful women didn’t get to where they are by taking life easily. They have a different approach to their day than other people do. Some of the things that they do to make them so successful are done at home or as a small routine during the day as opposed to when everyone can see. These small routines and habits can contribute to the much bigger picture and help them to maintain the status that they have achieved. Here are some of the small things that these powerful women do:

1. Change the way that they handle stress – Everyone has stress in their lives. It may be about many different things but stress is a constant for all of us. Powerful women make sure that they find the best way to get rid of that stress so that it doesn’t bog them down and they are able to keep a clear head. Some take a bubble bath at the end of the night. Others will go out and have a night on the town with their friends.

2. Keeping focus – Losing sight of the big picture is something that many of us deal with. Successful women break their day into small chunks so that the big picture is not too daunting. Smaller tasks make it much easier to get what needs to be done accomplished. Some will start with the things that they really do not want to do so they can relax after and participate in some fun.

3. Rise and shine – Powerful women are up at the same time every morning. They have a routine that they follow and they make sure to stick to it as best they can. Once they are finished with their routines their minds are clear and ready to go on with the next phase of their day.

4. Inspiration – One thing that successful women are constantly looking for is inspiration. Big ideas don’t just happen overnight. There needs to be some inspiration first. This can come from another person, a current event, or something as simple as nature. Every person finds inspiration in different forms.

5. Preparations – Meetings can go really well or they can be a horror show. Those who are prepared and ready for whatever comes their way in a meeting will have the most success. Preparation is essential if you are the one who is presenting in a meeting. Your point will come across and you will have a clear message instead of fumbling around for words.

6. Exercise – Successful women always make sure that they get their exercise in as much as they can. They want to make sure that their bodies are healthy as this keeps their minds healthy as well. While working out there is plenty of time to find their inspiration and come up with great ideas as well!



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