Deadly Foods You Eat That Are Banned In Other Countries


mac n cheeseBy Staff Blogger

We all know that some of the foods we eat are not good for us, but did you know that some of the foods we eat are banned in other countries? Here are 8 things that we consume that are not allowed in food in other countries around the world.

1. Artificial food dye: Yes, it makes our food colorful and appealing. However, it is made of the same chemical that is found in petroleum. It has been linked to some cancers, nerve cell growth inhibition, and hyperactivity to name a few. It’s banned in Norway, Finland, UK, Austria, and France.

2. Olestra (Olean): Found in fat free potato chips. This is not something that you should be consuming. It is used as a substitute for cooking oil but prevents your body from absorbing vitamins. It is banned in Canada and the UK.

3. Brominated vegetable oil: Found in sports drinks and citrus flavored sodas. This additive causes the food dye to stick to liquid. It has been linked to birth defects and major organ damage. It is banned in over 100 countries.

4. Potassium bromate: It is found in bread, wraps, and rolls. It is used to decrease baking time and reduce costs, but can cause nervous system damage, kidney damage and cancer. It is banned in Europe, Canada, and China.

5. Azodicarbonamide: Found in frozen dinners and boxed pasta mixes. It is used to bleach flour and foamed plastic. It has been known to cause asthma. It’s banned in Australia, most European countries, and the UK.

6. BHA and BHT: Found in gum, cereal, nut mixes, butter and meat. It is used to keep food from becoming rancid and has been known to cause cancer in rats. It is banned in Japan, England and many European countries.

7. Synthetic Growth Hormones (rBST and rBGH): Found in milk and dairy products, can cause cancer, infertility and weakness. It is banned in New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the EU.

8. Arsenic: This one should go without saying. It is found in poultry and is used to make the meat look pinker and fresher to the consumer. Over time arsenic consumption can be fatal. It is banned in the EU.



  1. Cheryl Downing on

    So if this stuff is so bad why is it still in our foods. This is America and we should stand up and help ban this stuff.

  2. Shelvia Stewart on

    YES….there is a section of 'Misfit Foods' in all grocery stores……anything that is pre-packaged, processed, and living on the shelf (for years) with preservatives is like taking slow poison…and since there is no money in the cure…just the treatment, the FDA is approving drugs at an alarming rate to counter some of the symptoms you are having from diseases that started from the food you have been eating…….: wake the hell up….eat clean or die slow…JMO

  3. Eleanor Summerville Haines on

    All that it says on the 'Mackie-cheese' is 'colour' – does this mean ALL food dyes are harmful?

  4. Khani Jackson-El on

    Cowards complain and whine about banning foods..You have the information..stop consuming it if you care about your health…PERIOD

  5. Uhh yea well this sounds like we should set our kitchens to flames becu ths is damn near everything we have… what else is there 2 eat.. tomatos grown here are artificial…. theres something wrong with everything made in america pretty much… id rather right now worry about the stand your ground law… and stricter gun laws to be honest… how about we stand up 2 tht 1st…

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