Deal Breakers: Signs Most Women Overlook When Dating


couple at dinnerBy Staff Blogger

Dating can be fun for some people and a little rough for others. Finding that right person can be like an adventure. However, while you are dating, even if you think you have found the one, watch out for these eight signs of trouble to come.

1. You are out to dinner and he has been lovely to you, but snippy to the waitress and left an extremely low tip. Think carefully because it could be you getting the same treatment when you make him dinner in the future.

2. He has a boa for a pet. This could mean that he doesn’t know how to think things through. Boas keep growing for 30 years and eat rodents every day. It could show that he didn’t think to the future about possible kids and family life down the road that this snake wouldn’t fit into. Maybe it’s not a boa, but there could be some signs that he doesn’t think things through.

3. If he doesn’t know how to hook up the DVR, watch out. We may not need men for everything such as changing tires or headlights, but technology can be tricky and it would be nice to have someone around to hook up the internet, TV, and cable!

4. When he sulks like a moody teen at family gatherings, he may not be the one for you. You want someone who will  make the effort  to get along with your family members instead of sulking because he would rather be somewhere else.

5. Does he floss and brush? If he doesn’t take care of his teeth, think about what else he doesn’t take care of?

6. If you hear him at a party describing your job and it’s not even close to what you actually do, he doesn’t listen or pay attention to details about you.

7. When he is swimming, does he put his face in the water? If he can’t commit to putting his face down, what else will he refuse to commit to?

8. Studies have shown that people choose a mate who has advantageous genes through smell. If his smell is less than desirable he may have disadvantageous genes.



  1. I agree with most. Add..when he lies because he will benefit…he will lie to you. Also add…when it's everybody else's fault and not him…it'll be your fault soon. Also add…if he disregards your feelings about little things during dating then it will only get worse. Generally you should listen to your inner voice when it tells you something is wrong. Don't settle.

  2. @D.C. Price- Signs Most MEN Overlook When Dating- When she lies because she will benefit…she will lie to you. Also…when it's everybody else's fault and never her…it'll be your fault soon. Also…if she disregards your feelings about little things during dating then it will only get worse. Generally you should listen to your inner voice when it tells you something is wrong. Don't settle.

  3. Chevas Samuels on

    @Woodie. Wow, really? The article was about signs most WOMEN miss. Why the mirror reply aimed at women? Why attempt to turn the topic to women? You're showing some signs yourself Brother.

  4. Chevas Samuels on

    I'm wondering where the research for this article came from? Some of it sounds okay, but some of it sounds like old fashioned myths. Smells? Think a woman won't pay attention to how a man smells? Hooking up the DVR? Really?

  5. Lanae Johnson on

    9. Men who get offended easily because they cant handle the truth! Hmmm, sounds a lot like Woodie Wills.

  6. Personally, I feel as if there shouldn't be one gender pointing a finger at the other gender. Men are no better than women and women are no better than men. When will we wake up and realize that articles like this are devised to divide and conquer the African American race. My brother and sisters, just treat each other the way you would WANT to be treated. That's the solution.

  7. The greatest compliment is mimicking. That's for agreeing even if I suspect my post made you uncomfortable because you saw yourself. They have therapy that will help with all of that. Please come back and update us on how that worked for you once you are cleared to be unsupervised.

  8. No,women like Lanae Johnson who can't handle and deal with real men like Mr. Wills,many others including myself who are nowhere near afraid of expressing themselves and the whole truth about red flags when dealing with women.

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