Declining Hair Relaxer Sales Show Natural Hair is Increasingly Popular


By: Krystle Crossman

Black woman sometimes buy chemical relaxers to make their hair straighter. They do not want to have a “natural” look and feel that they will look better if they go with a growing number of women who have to have their hair bone straight. Recent studies of sales data on chemical relaxers show however that more and more black woman are deciding to stay with their naturally beautiful hair instead of loading it with harsh chemicals to keep it straight.

There is a meet up group in Boston called the Boston Naturals Hair Meet Up Group. It is full of women who love their beautiful hair just as it is and decline the use of chemicals to try and fit some sort of social model. In just one year this group has gone from having 200 members to having over 800 members. And it is not just this group either, there are many different meet up groups like this all over the country whose numbers are growing every day!

The head of the Boston Naturals group, Modjossorica Elysee, 28, states that these growing numbers are not just a trend of a fad. More and more black women are accepting their natural hair and are teaching their daughters to accept and love it as well. The numbers of these group will continually rise as more women begin to accept that their natural hair is beautiful just the way it is.

A research group that is named Mintel has been following the sales data of chemical relaxers and has found that sales in 2008 were $206 million but then in 2013 were $156 million. The sales focus is now on moisturizers, pomades, and cream for curls.



    I am so excited about this… I haven’t put a relaxer on my hair in almost 3 yrs.. and I love it, my hair is growing much healthier and strong now.
    I’m also glad to see my daughters are not using relaxers anymore either. God didn’t create my hair to be bone-straight, he created my hair to be curly wavy with a sweet blend of bush…. and its red too lol…

    So proud of all my fine black sistah’s involved in this fine hair affair…

    • I am fiftyeight years old and I am happy to say that my natural hair is more beautiful and uthan killing my joy with chemicals.

  2. Natural Hair shows all over the country are providing the support in great products & classes to make Natural Hair convenient, desirable & beautiful.

    I happen to teach Womb Wellness at these shows and Women are finally beginning to realize, what you put on your body, has an effect on your body.

    And chemicals in our foods, homes and on our bodies are shown to cause fibroids and other health issues, so why do that to ourselves?

    Dr. Eshe
    404 244-5565

  3. I have worn my hair in its natural state for the past 30 years. My hair is strong and healthy, and grows like it’s been fertilized!! When I was getting perms, I suffered with frequent headaches. The headaches stopped when I started to wear my hair natural. Ladies, for your own health, please stop using (white folks) chemical products on your hair. Go natural and be beautiful and free!!!

    • Amen Wizzy! I know your right on the dollar because that’s exactly what God told me to do over 3yrs ago. He meant for everything… I believe God is restoring the blackwoman… everything that looks negative is not always a negative.

  4. I am wearing my hair natural and my uncle who hates being black thinks I should be institutionalized in a mental hospital for not straightening my hair.

    I saw two black women last week with wearing the Angela Davis afro. I gave them high praises and two so-called black men made some derogatory comment about women with natural hair.

    Yes, I did feel like pushing them in front of a car.

    • @Regina…

      Girl you are too funny!!! Now that’s hilarious! especially about your uncles feelings concerning our hair LMBO!! Girl these blackmen these days are crazy and off the chain. They are so angry with the blackwoman they can’t even see themselves in the mirrior. Its like a “JOKE”, it starting to get real funny and funnier everyday… I’m beginning to find so much humor in their behavior because in all actuality God is setting the blackwomen free by openning up our eyes to many things. Black-women are some blessed women inspite of our issues and we are some very beautiful bad-azz bytches / speak it plain. We can do a whole lot of things other races of women cannot do. We are a very very colorful breed of women… This is why our attack has become so great. White-women hate us, but they live in the tanning salons, get their hair permed to become bushy & curly, its endless what they do. We just need to get away from the fake straight long hair.

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