Deodorant: Why You May Be Wasting Your Time With It


fml-A4H3FM.jpgBy: Krystle Crossman

Part of your morning routine is putting on deodorant. You do this to avoid sweat stains on our shirts and to prevent body odor. This is not a new concept. Even in ancient Egypt they would put perfume oils under their armpits. There are some surprising things that you may not know about deodorant however.

1. Deodorant can kill bacteria that lives in your armpits. Sweat is naturally odorless. It is the bacteria that actually smells. The deodorant that you put on has antibacterial properties to stop the smell before it starts and it also contains an antiperspirant that stops the sweat from mixing with the bacteria.

2. Antiperspirants don’t actually stop the process of sweating. According to the FDA the deodorant actually only needs to cut the production of sweat down by 20% in order for them to be able to say that they have all day protection.

3. You can become immune to the antiperspirant that you use. The body sometimes finds other ways to sweat. Switch up the brand that you use every six months or so.

4. There is no gender difference when it comes to deodorant. The active ingredients are the same for both. The only difference is the packaging and marketing.

5. An interesting way to tell if you need deodorant or not is by your ear wax. If you have dry and flaky wax, you are lacking the chemical that the bacteria feeds on. If you have dark and sticky wax, you should definitely use deodorant.

6. That yellow stain on your clothes comes from the aluminum that is in the deodorant. If you are finding your clothes are staining a lot, switch to aluminum-free.

7. You can make your own deodorant out of plant extracts and oils. All-natural products all tend to have different types of efficiency however.



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