Despite Bleeding During It, Beyoncé Slays Her Performance At Jay Z’s Tidal Concert


By Victor Trammell

Last night, megastar and performer Beyoncé (pictured) showed the audience in attendance at Jay Z’s benefit concert for his Tidal music streaming company why she’s one of the greats.

According to BET News, the 35-year-old “Sorry” hit maker went through a struggle during her October 15th performance, which may have caused the average A-list singer a major misstep during their star-studded routine. However, in true Sasha Fierce fashion, Beyoncé persevered and delivered another one of her signature, lighting-rod slayings of the stage.

Mrs. Knowles-Carter literally bled her way through her latest conquest without showing any signs of being shaken or stirred. BET reported that footage proved Beyoncé suffered bleeding from one of her ears during her performance at her husband’s benefit concert. It wasn’t clear how she exactly sustained the injury.

However, word is circulating that the bleeding from Beyoncé’s ear may have been caused by an earring being inadvertently ripped from it.

Members of her #BeyHive cult took to Twitter to voice their myriad of concerns about their fearless leader. “Only Beyonce could continue to perform with a bleeding ear, phenomenal visuals, and a flawless performance… Real life goals ,” tweeted Shantia B, a dedicated #BeyHive member.

@Beyonce is a true performer because I’m pretty sure her braid has gotten caught in her earrings. And she bleeding down her ear ,” tweeted a Twitter user named Christina, another member of the #BeyHive.

Regardless of the potentially hazardous mishap and the ensuing frenzy of worry about her well-being, Beyoncé did indeed finish her set successfully. Members of her team (including her husband Jay Z) definitely have something to be proud of after last night. It takes a one-in-a-million type of entertainer to sustain an injury of this nature onstage and continue their performance without skipping a single beat.

All the performing songstresses in the world who are aspiring for world-class status just got a clinic from Beyoncé  on what dedication is all about. No pain, no gain.




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