Destructive Things Women Say During Arguments and Need To Stop Saying


arguingBy: Krystle Crossman

Everyone has occasional disagreements with their partner. Often times we end up saying something and then end up regretting it. Here are ten things you should never say during a fight.

1. You did the same thing last time – If you bring the same thing up over and over again it will make things worse each time.

2. You are always late – Instead of yelling about being late, let them know why it is important to you for them to be on time. If you say they are always late, they will keep doing it because they may not realize the importance to you.

3. Why are you mad – Don’t push the issue. If he is already in a bad mood, you don’t want to make it worse by pushing him to re-live why he is upset. Give him some room and let him work things out.

4. You need to talk to me immediately – If you are saying this you are most likely texting or emailing. Don’t even try to argue this way as things can be taken out of context quickly. If he doesn’t respond you may think he is ignoring you even if he is in a meeting or something.

5. It is all your fault – Don’t place blame. That is the quickest way to escalate the situation. Figure out what you can do together to solve the problem.

6. I want a divorce – This is a loaded statement. Don’t say things like this in the heat of the moment especially when you don’t really mean them.

7. I am not mad – Yes, you are, which is why you are in a fight in the first place. Ignoring your emotions will not help things along.

8. You are just like your father – This immediately puts him on the defensive because he knows you are trying to hurt him.

9. You are such a jerk (other expletive) – Name calling is childish and will get you nowhere but into a bigger fight where you insult each other instead of figuring out a solution.

10. Now you made the baby cry – Guilt is a card you should not play. You are a part of the fight too. Take ownership and calm down.



  1. This article is a typical Black American senerio…and a very old one at that, infact its a bad attitude that lacks compassion in a sister and brother relationship. It does answer a long standing question: “Where are all the good Black men”?..somewhere with a mature and loving woman.

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