Diabetes Researchers Working Towards Cure and Even Prevention


By: Krystle Crossman

Diabetes affects almost 26 million Americans. It is a disease that anyone can get. They can be any age, any race, any gender. Research is bringing us closer and closer to a cure for diabetes with new advances in medicine. There is potential for a cure both with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. They are also looking at new methods of prevention.

Testing is underway at the Joslin Diabetes Center at Harvard Medical School. Previous research used the islet cells in the pancreas and transplanted them so that the body would make the right amount of insulin to deal with the sugar that people were taking in. However the immune system was not a fan of these islet cells and would end up destroying them. Research is being done now to find a way to stop the immune system from attacking the islet cells. They are trying to understand why the attacks happen so that they can stop the problem before it starts.

There is also ongoing research that is trying to find a way to reproduce the islet cells that you already have in your body so that the immune system will not attack them. These regenerated cells would come from stem cells. Some patients with Type 1 diabetes have been found to still have a small number of functional islets cells that produce a small amount of insulin.

Type 2 diabetes has research being done on it as well. They are trying to find the exact cause of Type 2 and have narrowed it down to the possibility that it is caused by inflammation. The researchers are testing a theory that anti-inflammatory drugs may help people who suffer from Type 2 diabetes. It is tough for the researchers to really pin anything down at this point because diabetes affects so many different systems in the body. They are working on a drug that will prevent vision loss from diabetes and also possibly prevent your kidneys from failing.



  1. Naturopathic doctors (N.D.’s) have been curing Type2 diabetes for decades with diet and natural
    natural compounds such as Pancreas Tonic.

    Google Pancreas Tonic and try it for about six months. It’s inexpensive, easy to take, and reportedly it works for about 70% of those who are non-insulin dependent diabetics.

  2. Thank-You JD! I’m a natural practitioner and Type 2 is lifestyle changes! We must think..how did we get there? Scientists jump out there and want to invent a drug for everything! Why do so many millions of people have type2 in the world?? Junk food..GMO food..diets high in sugar/fat/salt! Diet sodas contain Aspartame( Nutrasweet) which actually makes your insulin resistance worse! This drug also is responsible for Autism..MS.. psoriasis..eczema..and other autoimmune dis-ease.
    The Standard American Diet (SAD) has spread into most countries, and it is spreading these autoimmune dis-eases with it!
    Eating a diet with fresh..organic fruits/veggies..plenty of pure water..healthy fats..lower alcohol intake..eliminate soda, and get some exercise! Think about it..a person would have their cells replaced in type 2 when there is something that they can do with your own body to heal/prevent this condition? That’s crazy!!!

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