Did You Know Men Also Fake “the big O”?


couple-in-bed-talkingBy Staff Blogger

Women fake it all the time to make their men feel like they have done “a good job”. Did you know that some men fake it too? That’s right, some men fake the big O because they want to let their partner know that they have done a good job but just can’t finish with a big bang.

With women becoming more and more powerful in the workforce, they often end up as the breadwinners in the family. This can make their men feel inadequate in something that they feel they are supposed to be strong and manly for. They compensate for this feeling of inadequacy in the bedroom.

Some men may have a medical issue or even psychological issue however that is stopping them from being able to get the job done, so they fake it. They feel that at least if the woman thinks that he is satisfied, he still has some masculinity.

Dr. Abraham Morgentaler wrote a book titled Why Men Fake It: The Totally Unexpected Truth About Men and S*x. His inspiration for his book came when a patient that he had explained that he was having trouble climaxing, but faked it for his partner. He cared more that his partner think that she had done a good job than about the fact that he couldn’t actually reach climax himself. This surprised Morgentaler as he had not often heard about a man faking it to please the woman.

Dr. Morgentaler set out doing research on the subject because he found it interesting that men and women had the same idea when it came to faking it. It was about the partner, and not themselves.



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