Did You Know Not All Women Can Have an 0rga$m?


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Humans are one of the very few species where the female is able to have an [email protected] It is not clear why we do though. It could be to help the sp*rm along to procreate. It could be so that women can make the bond with their partner even stronger. Most women don’t really care why they have them, as long as they do! There are a lot of health benefits to having an [email protected] such as mood elevation, stress reduction, and minimizing pain or depression symptoms.

Unfortunately when the [email protected] is all that s*x is about, it can take some of the fun out of all of it. S*x should be about fun and becoming more intimate with your partner, not about try as hard as you can to get to that “end goal”. It doesn’t have to end in an [email protected] to be good, but it is certainly a bonus. When that is all that is focused on during s*x it can make it worse for some women because they are physically unable to have one.

A study that was performed by Alfred Kinsey found that one in four women were unable to have an [email protected] in the first year that they were married. Another part of the study showed that 47% of women who had been married up to 20 years almost always had an [email protected] This study however was done in the 1960s so the data may not still hold true today. Another part of the study focused on all women, not just ones who were married, and found that 90% of women were able to have an [email protected] by some means in their life.

If you have a problem reaching climax either during s*x or even [email protected] see a health care professional. You may have an issue with the blood flow to the cl!toris or [email protected]


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