Did You Know That This Hormone Can Be Dangerous For You?


By: Krystle Crossman

Hormones rule our lives. When our bodies produce them and as they course through our veins we react differently to situations than we normally would. There is one hormone called oxytocin that aids with reproduction. It stimulates the uterus to contract during labor and also helps to stimulate milk production. Oxytocin is given to women in a drug form when they are having a hard time with labor. It has some other effects on the body as well and these could get you into trouble. When oxytocin is released you will feel more relaxed, more trusting, and more stable psychologically. While this all sounds great it can lead some people down the wrong path. A new study shows that the effects of oxytocin are much like the effects of being drunk.

When we get a kiss or a hug oxytocin is released. This can leave us feeling happy and trusting of the person that is making contact with us. The problem with this is that the oxytocin can mess with your judgment and making you more trusting of a person than you should be. Have you ever felt that you are so in love that you feel drunk? What kind of decisions do you make when you are drunk? Usually they are not good decisions. Some people choose to go overboard quickly when they are in a relationship because of this feeling. For example if you have only been dating someone for a short amount of time and you find yourself spending your entire paycheck on a present for them because you are so “drunk in love”.
Some people find that they are doing things that are impulsive and things that they would not normally do when they find someone that they connect with and the oxytocin is released. It could be anything from leaving work to ditching a friend to do something for the person that they are thinking about. This is a good way to burn bridges in life.

The study of oxytocin was conducted by the University of Birmingham. They stated that the research was done using mice which have a very different hormonal system than humans do but this research is an interesting start and more will be studied.


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